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A collaborative manga project about a girl named Anma whose father was killed at Anime Expo and must now use her otaku powers to avenge his death.

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  • Cascade Failure - A weekly comic. The manga-esque adventures of a group of c students on a computer games technology course in Scotland.
  • Can You Keep a Secret? - A shounen-ai comic. There\\'s a new student manga at SMH, and Darren can\\'t kick the feeling manga that he\'s seen him somewhere before.
  • Crystal Avalon - Fantasy manga in a world of gods and c clans. Based on game elements developed at Phidar c MUD.
  • Chibi Alex-chan's Manga - Personal manga site featuring short comics and an online ongoing story manga titled "Child of the Pomegranate." Inspired online by Greek myth.
  • Cartoon Leap: Swordcerers Online - About a warrior sent on a quest by a goddess in a headband. Also includes a forum and links.
  • Copy Cat Anma - A collaborative manga project about a girl named c Anma whose manga father was killed at Anime Expo c and must now use manga her otaku powers to c avenge his death.
  • Chronicle of a Drow Sorceress - Full-color fantasy manga about the life of a manga young drow online girl chosen by fate.
  • Cabbit's Desk - Large collection of completed Manga, comic strips and online art by manga Meg Metzger.

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