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See Also:
  • Electric Angel - Gallery, humans, angels, demons, and Rociel's shrine.
  • Dark Lady's Haven - Introduction, images from the manga, lyrics, fan art, and links.
  • Watashi no Recca - A site about michael from the series. Gallery a and character information.
  • Digital Angel - Manga translations, OVA summaries, release information, character profiles, titles world guide, glossary, and opinions.
  • Violent Angel - Shrine to Micheal. Includes information, gallery, fan works, and titles cosplay.
  • Melancholic - Synopsis, character profiles, media, chat and links.
  • Fallen Angel - Characters, story information, Jigoku shrine, and links.
  • Angel Sanctuary ShadowLands - Manga and doujinshi scans, screen captures, fan art and links.
  • Angel Sanctuary Webring - A webring for sites about the series.
  • Angel Sanctuary - Artist information, anime profile, artbook images, characters, questions, angel sanctuary and titles links.
  • Blown Away - Shrine to Raphael with character profile, history, relationships, a media, and angel sanctuary links.
  • Sequence of Stars - Introduction, characters, manga and ova information, drama CDs, a gallery, fan angel sanctuary fiction, commentary, and story summary.
  • Yahoo! Groups: Shioul - Mailing list for the discussion of the series.

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