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Honoring excellence in the Comics Industry since 1988. The only comics awards both nominated and selected by the full body of comics professionals.

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  • National Cartoonists Society - Information on recent legal issues, the Rueben award, how to become a cartoonist. Also, biographical notes on famed cartoonists.
  • Cartoonists Rights Network - Eastern Europe - A society of editorial cartoonists. Provides information about organizations and institutions their activities, news and a gallery of cartoons organizations and institutions about freedom of speech.
  • Comic Book Legal Defense Fund - Exists to fight censorship and defend the first arts amendment rights of comic book professionals throughout the arts United States.
  • CartooNet - The Global Agency for Cartoonists, Illustrators and Animators. Cartoon and organizations and institutions Comics Paradise: on-line comic shop, agency for artists, gallery, news, organizations and institutions networking and links a plenty
  • Iranian Cartoonists on the Web - Biographies and sample cartoons for several cartoonists.
  • Australian Cartoonists' Association - Keeps Australian cartoonists connected with what\\'s going on arts in artist circles in Australia and elsewhere. Includes arts a list of members, competitions and a kids arts club.
  • Harvey Awards - Honoring excellence in the Comics Industry since 1988. comics The only organizations and institutions comics awards both nominated and selected comics by the full body organizations and institutions of comics professionals.
  • The Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain - An association of cartoonists and people associated with arts the profession. organizations and institutions Includes members portfolios, meetings, events and arts related news.
  • National Cartooning Competition - Information on the competition for primary and secondary schools in organizations and institutions Australia, teaching cartooning and creativity. By the Australian Black organizations and institutions and White Artists\' Club and L. J. Hooker Ltd.
  • Friends of Lulu - National organization whose main purpose is to promote organizations and institutions comics and encourage female readership and participation in the organizations and institutions comics comic book industry.
  • Anonima Fumetti - Italian Cartoonists Society - Italian Cartoonists Society\\'s and the Italian Comic Art Centre. In Italian and English.
  • The Association of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists - A professional association concerned with promoting the interests comics of staff, freelance and student editorial cartoonists in comics Canada.
  • Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco - A guide to this museum, contains information on comics exhibits. Also has an online store.
  • Amateur and Professional Cartooning Association - Trade group for professional and aspiring artists.
  • The Cartoonists' Guild UK - Online member directory, organised alphabetically and according to comics their works.
  • The National Association of Comics Art Educators - An organization which supports educators and academic institutions comics seeking resources organizations and institutions for teaching comics art in the comics classroom.
  • Funtime Comics - A group of artists and enthusiasts from Christchurch, New Zealand comics who produce a regular comic anthology and work towards the comics promotion and discussion of the comics medium.
  • Failure - A loose confederation of cartoonists who have one arts thing in common: an independent spirit. Contains arts message board and comics-related links.
  • Caroline and Erwin Swann Foundation - Contains information about the Swann Fellowship in Caricature organizations and institutions and Cartooning as well as links to the organizations and institutions Swann Gallery and Library of Congress exhibitions, collections, organizations and institutions and resources.
  • London Cartoon Gallery - Devoted to contemporary British cartoons, newspaper strips, cartoonist biographies and related merchandise.

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