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Fansite devoted to DC's five part mini-series, Bad Girls. Contains character bios, pictures, issue summaries, funny quotes, and fan fiction and art.

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  • Comic Book Cover Gallery - Comic book cover gallery with scans of silver publishers age and dc golden age comics. Featuring The publishers Flash, Atom, Hawkman, Doom dc Patrol, Metamorpho, Sea Devils, publishers Strange Adventures and Justice League covers.
  • The Stars And S.T.R.I.P.E. Website - Information about the Star Spangled Kids of the dc Seven Soldiers d of Victory, Infinity Inc., and the dc Justice Society of America. d Includes interviews, news, art, dc biographies and interactive activities.
  • Don Markstein's Toonopedia: Adam Strange - Encyclopedia listing of this comic character\'s origin and d print run.
  • Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe - Internet encyclopedia of the DC Universe, past, present and future. Who\'s Who profiles, comic indexes, character chronologies
  • Cory's DCU Galleries - DC Universe characters in the style originated by publishers Bruce Timm for the Batman-Superman Adventures animated series.
  • Do You Dare Enter.... The House of Mystery? - An extensive, highly opinionated look at Cain the Caretaker of publishers the House of Mystery from DC\\'s old horror books, and publishers more recently Sandman, and the Dreaming.
  • The Unauthorized Chronology of the DC Universe - A comprehensive, fully annotated timeline of the DC Comics Universe, based on canonical stories.
  • The Hembeck Files - Semi-official website showcasing Fred Hembeck\\'s DC Universe cartoons dc as they dc appeared in the Daily Planet in dc the 1970\\'s. Also includes dc commentary and history related dc to each strip.
  • Bri2k's Superman vs Batman - Brief overviews of Superman and Batman, some pictures d and a chance to vote for which hero d is better.
  • Fanzing - Monthly online fanzine with fiction, artwork, articles and publishers columns devoted dc to DC Comics characters.
  • DC Fanzine - News, columns, interviews, links and articles about comics, d toys, and publishers animation.
  • DC Bad Girls Unofficial - Fansite devoted to DC\\'s five part mini-series, Bad Girls. Contains publishers character bios, pictures, issue summaries, funny quotes, and fan fiction publishers and art.
  • Eriktice's Adam Strange Page - Compilation of pointers for every Adam Strange appearance in DC d comics.
  • Classic Comic Books - Written by Michael E. Grost it deals primarily d with DC items, containing reviews and articles about d comic strips and comic books, and articles on d their writers and artists.
  • The Annotated Crisis - Information on the Crisis On Infinite Earths mega-crossover that DC dc invoked to bring order in their universes. Crisis information, crossovers, dc and links.
  • Jess Nevins' Annotations - Annotations to several DC comics, such as Kingdom dc Come and JLA: The Nail.
  • Adam Strange: Classic Comic Books - Provides summaries of Adam Strange\\'s exploits in the publishers now difficult d to find copies of Showcase and publishers Mysteries in Space from d 1958 to 1964.
  • Team Oracle - Site for the DCU-L listserv mailing list. Subscription publishers information, JLA profiles and timeline, reviews, links to publishers other DCU and JLA resources and games.
  • Birdwatching: Birds of Prey - Devoted to Dinah Lance - Black Canary and dc Barbara Gordon d - Oracle; their work separately and dc together as the Birds d of Prey in the dc DC Comics Universe.
  • DC Comics - The official DC Comics web page. Plenty of information about all their titles. Listen to the Superman radio show. Chat, trivia questions, and an Email newsletter.
  • Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics - Includes indexes to popular DC Silver and Golden dc Age comics, d including character appearances, story synopses, and dc cover scans for thousands d of DC comic books.
  • The Unofficial Home Page of the Atom - Fansite devoted to the world\'s smallest hero, the Atom
  • Cosmic Teams - Knowledge on the JLA, JSA, Legion, and Outsiders.
  • The New Gods Library - The ultimate online resource for Jack Kirby\\'s New publishers Gods and the Fourth World.
  • Etrigan The Demon - The Demon contains checklist and appearance information of the Jack Kirby created characters (ie. Etrigan and Jason Blood)in the DC Universe comic books.
  • WildStorm - Information on the house that Jim Lee built, and which dc is the creative force behind Gen13, WildC.A.T.S., Darkchylde and other dc fan favourites. News on the people behind the comics, dc an art gallery and an online shop.

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