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  • Medea Press - The Will to Power by Maral Agnerian and comics Paulina Wyrzykowska m is about a society of elves comics succumbing to decadence and m apathy while making sarcastic comics comments at each other. One woman m embarks on comics a journey up to the surface, collecting a m comics motley crew of tagalon
  • Mock Man Press - Self-publishing company for Jason Thompson\\'s comics, such as m The Dream-Quest publishers of Unknown Kadath, Two Fears, Hugh m Grisly: The Opener of publishers the Way and A m Young One of the Mythos. publishers With information m on all titles and ordering information.
  • Marky Comics - Self-publishers of many comics, including A.S.H., Lex and publishers Rex, Jagger, publishers and Land of Phoenix. Scans, profiles, publishers and ordering information.
  • Max Bunker Press - Italian publishers of Alan Ford in different formats. publishers Previews, information on Alan Ford, the characters, videos publishers and international rights. In English and Italian.

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