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Offers creative cartoon and promotional design for sales meetings, presentation and web sites. Broadcast toons and animations that move from storyboards to finished art that complete sales and tickle your funnybone.

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  • Dreamer Design - A graphic design firm specializing in Comic book creating lettering and resources fonts.
  • Tribe: Indie Comics - A group for those DIY, non-superhero-type comics.
  • Become a Cartoonist - Find out how to get hired to create comic strips, editorial cartoons, comic books, greeting cards, or animation. The guide to become a cartoonist.
  • Blambot - Comic fonts and lettering. Some of the fonts resources are free.
  • Flickr: Comix - A forum to showcase and discuss your independent resources comic art.
  • Digital Prepress for Comics - Information and sale of "Digital Prepress for Comic Books" by comics Kevin Tinsley. Also provides prepress and consulting services.
  • Tribe: Comic Creators Invited - A place for comic book creators (artists, inkers, comics writers, publishers, comics and others) to come and talk comics and make connections.
  • Polykarbon: Comic, Manga Tutorials & Photoshop Tips - Tutorials on drawing males, females, mechs, effects and comics in creating general.
  • Flickr: Selfmade comic - Selfmade comics, made with paint program.
  • Flickr: Manga and Comic Creators - This group focuses on the creation and promotion of comics comics and manga that you have created.
  • Balloon Tales - Online guide to comic book lettering and production. Features tips and tricks, articles and newsletters.
  • Creating Comics Resource Site - The resource source of information for comic writers, creating artists, letterers, creating and self-publishers.
  • Small Press Comics FAQ - FAQ for self-publishing small press comics [minicomics].
  • Visual Reference for Comic Artists by Buddy Scalera - A visual reference CD created by comic book writer Buddy creating Scalera
  • Blazedent - Comic book writing, publishing, drawing, inking and coloring comics tutorials as resources well as message boards, and art comics galleries.
  • The Drawing Studios - Creative training of illustration and graphics to primary resources and high school students Auckland wide (adults are resources welcomed). Affiliated with Drawthat.
  • Witzworx - Comic book shareware font.
  • Tribe: Comics Thought, Theory, and Practice - A place for cartoonists and comic lovers everywhere resources to exchange comics ideas and thoughts on the art resources of sequencial art (comics).
  • Tools for Comics Creators - Tools for comic book creators, including the "Comic comics Ground" collaboration area, the Gutters and Closure mailing comics lists, and the FireBlade FreeForm.
  • Adobe Photoshop Tip: Comic Art Effect - Photoshop Tutorial about changing a photograph to a colored comic
  • Suite 101: Graphic Novels/ Comics - Manga, superhero cartoons, DC and Marvel classics, conventions, comics appraising vintage comics editions, underground writers and artists, reviews, comics interviews and all things comics graphic.
  • Flickr: Personal Comic Strips - Forum for posting your comics and getting feedback from others who draw/ create personal comics too.
  • The Center for Cartoon Studies - The Center for Cartoon Studies offers a two-year resources course of resources study that centers on the creation resources and dissemination of comics, resources graphic novels and other resources manifestations of the visual narrative.
  • WhizBang Comics and Comicbook Font - Whizbang is a computer font for professional comics lettering. Available in Type2 and TTF. From Studio Daedalus.
  • Funnybone Studios - Offers creative cartoon and promotional design for sales resources meetings, presentation and web sites. Broadcast toons and resources animations that move from storyboards to finished art resources that complete sales and tickle your funnybone.
  • Scott McDaniel - Includes recommended books, drawing exercises, and tutorials on resources topics such creating as cover design, studio gear and resources perspective.
  • Joe Kubert's World of Cartooning - Offers correspondence courses and a huge online supply creating depot.
  • Flickr: The Comics Group - A forum for comic creators to show off their skills.
  • EEight - Gregory Kogan\\'s articles and tutorials for every aspect of cartoon resources illustration.
  • Flickr: Photoshop Comics - Pictures transformed to comic books.
  • Comic Book Fonts - Comic, cartoon, horror, gothic, fantasy, sci-fi and futuristic fonts in comics Type 1 and TTF font formats for Mac or Windows.
  • Hollywood Comics - Agency assisting comic-book creators in selling and negotiating comics the rights to their properties and services.

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