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The title (almost) says it all: The store sells more than just originals from Heavy Metal, though the focus remains on color work.

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  • Maakies art by Tony Millionaire - Originals from the popular alternative weekly and Dark Horse comic original artwork book artist Tony Millionaire.
  • Major Damage - Chris Bailey\\'s Comic Art Cafe features modern and original artwork silver m age original comic art for sale and original artwork trade. Will m trade classic animation art for comic original artwork art.
  • MetalTV: Art from Heavy Metal - The title (almost) says it all: The store original artwork sells original artwork more than just originals from Heavy Metal, original artwork though the original artwork focus remains on color work.
  • McNeil, Carla Speed: Lightspeed Press - Original art from Finder, Mystery Date, and other projects by m Carla Speed McNeil
  • Manning, Greg - Auction, Inc. - High-end comic book art, mostly from the Silver m Age.
  • Monster's Collectibles, Ken Danker - Large and diverse collection of original comic art, m from the original artwork golden age to the present.
  • Menard, Sean: Original Art - Specializing in affordable original comic book and comic strip art.
  • Moy, Albert: Original Art - A wide range of comic book, strip, and animation art m in a wide range of prices. Will trade.
  • MothComiX.com - Modern and vintage original comic book art and original artwork collectibles.

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