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  • Trimpe, Herb - Originals from long time Marvel (Hulk) comic book artist.
  • Top Cow Productions - Features art from Top Cow artists including Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner, D-Tron, Billy Tan, Joe Benitez, and Gary Frank.
  • Tavole original art (Tavoleoriginali.net) - Original art from Italian comics, including Magnus, Toppi, and Liberatore.
  • T's World of Comics and Original Art - Modern era original comic book art.
  • Tri-State Original Art - Tri-State offers a wide range of original comic t art, ranging retailers from the Silver Age to the t present.
  • TRH Gallery - Tom Horvitz\\' Gallery offers a wide range of t comic, strip, retailers animation, science fiction, fantasy, and pulp t art and does appraisals retailers of same. They also t represent the Estabon Marato, Frank Thorne, retailers Lenil Yu, t and the estate of George Herriman.

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