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Includes a list of the magic Tim has done, some of the series' best lines, links to reviews, and a themed design.

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  • The Books of Magic Annotations - Annotations to The Books of Magic, The Books titles of Faerie, books of magic and assorted cross-overs and annuals. titles Includes a mailing list books of magic and posting board.
  • The Oak Park Hotel: The Books of Magic - Includes a list of the magic Tim has books of magic titles done, some of the series\\' best lines, links books of magic titles to reviews, and a themed design.
  • Yahoo Groups: Booksofmagic - Archives and information on subscribing to the active titles Books of titles Magic email list. Includes participation by titles writer/artist Peter Gross.
  • Books of Magic Annotations: Goldfarb - Annotations to Neil Gaiman\\'s mini-series, by David Goldfarb books of magic books of magic and maintained by Ralf Hildebrandt.

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