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The Elfquest comics have become a long complex saga which takes place over thousands of years within its storylines. Since the stories weren't released chronologically, the reader could become confused as to how the stories relate to each other. These sites help to sort out all the information so that the average reader can have a clearer view of what Elfquest is about.

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  • ElfQuest - A short history on the comic and lots of pictures of covers from the Swedish version of the comic.
  • EQ Letters From the Numbers Archive - Archive of letters and editorials taken from past e Elfquest publications. resources Includes a site search.
  • David's Role Playing Games - A short history and retelling about the comic book series.
  • Mehve's Aerie - Lorraine Reyes, artist for Elfquest\\'s Wild Hunt series. Information and sketches from her Elfquest works. Art from her other projects are displayed as well.
  • Elfquest Resource Pages - FAQ, Trading Post and links to holt lists, e and fan resources fiction lists.
  • Elfquest Community's LiveJournal - A board where member can post questions, messages or discussions.
  • Elfquest - Short summary of Elfquest story. Lists and description elfquest of Elfquest elfquest publications. Some fan art.

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