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Contemporary handbuilt raku fired shoes, cats, clocks, and vessels by South Florida artist, and a listing of galleries carrying her work.

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See Also:
  • Rob Sollis Ceramics - Refined forms, thrown and burnished then finished with glazes and ceramists and potters raku processes. Some recent pieces with industrial looking finishes.
  • Sculpture by Mark Yudell - Small sculptures, teapots, and vessels. Includes galleries, artist\\'s biography, and information on the raku firing process.
  • Raku for You - Features a variety of fine art raku pottery crafted by raku Dick McGee at his home studio in Shelbyville, Tennessee.
  • Gary R. Ferguson - Work by Raku artist. Includes biography, gallery, glaze raku recipes, a ceramists and potters schedule of upcoming events, photographs of raku the process, and books.
  • Michael Gustavson - Images of his sculptures in raku, biography, and techniques and styles techniques and styles exhibition information. Felton , California.
  • Earth Elements Art Studio and Gallery - Pottery, bonsai pots and jewelry by Susan Yvette raku England and raku James W. "Jim" England.
  • Keramikraum - Gallery of Gabriella Bartlau includes raku and stoneware jars, tea techniques and styles bowls, jewelry and soap dishes as well as general information techniques and styles on raku history and techniques.
  • Perry Okimoto - Raku fired ceramic pottery and sculpture at Angels raku Gate Cultural raku Center, San Pedro, California.
  • Davis Pottery - Hand-crafted pottery by Davis Lanthripe.
  • Peter the Potter - Online gallery of Brighton based potter Peter Stocker, ceramists and potters raku with a concentration on colorful earthenware and Raku.
  • The Pottery of Christopher Williams - Illustrations and description of the raku process, biography raku of the techniques and styles artist and online gallery of work.
  • Fireborn Studio - Gallery display of pieces created using the American Raku process. Warrensburg, Missouri.
  • Ceramics and Computer Arts - Karen LeVier displays images of her raku vessels, techniques and styles sculpture and computer artwork, and an explanation of techniques and styles raku.
  • Claygirl of California - Images of raku works, functional and decorative. Also a biography, glossary, and information on the firing process.
  • Lynn Dee Studios - Washington-based artist creates hand thrown raku pottery with sculptural attachments techniques and styles and brushwork of glazes and metallic oxides. Portfolio, biography, process techniques and styles and exhibitions.
  • Raku - Pottery by Tony Mygatt with Southwestern Native American raku influences. Includes a brief history of Raku, raku description of the process, and resource links.
  • Myra Wishart Ceramics & Glass - Online gallery featuring Raku, smoked ceramic vessels and ceramists and potters raku masks influenced by the Taureg tribes in North ceramists and potters raku Africa.
  • Raku Goddess - Goddess sculptures by Harry Leaf, fired in a raku kiln. techniques and styles Images, biography, and retail locations. San Francisco, California.
  • Jane Kaufmann - Raku fired work by New Hampshire artist includes orbs, clay pictures, story pieces, and figures.
  • Elements - Galleries of Raku pottery by Angela C. Smith inspired ceramists and potters by the four basic elements: air, fire, water, and earth.
  • EartHeart Studios - Offers hand built functional and decorative Raku fired ceramics from raku artist Michele Rudenko. San Francisco Bay Area.
  • The Alchemist - Raku artist. Includes images, a biography, glaze recipes ceramists and potters techniques and styles and articles about the technique, and an article ceramists and potters techniques and styles about marketing ceramics.
  • Bedient, JoAnne - Contemporary handbuilt raku fired shoes, cats, clocks, and ceramists and potters ceramists and potters vessels by South Florida artist, and a listing ceramists and potters ceramists and potters of galleries carrying her work.

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