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A record of what's happening at the Pottery along with thoughts, ideas, rants, ramblings by Ron Philbeck, Shelby, North Carolina.

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  • In Memory of Christine Nakazawa - California ceramics artist in California, passed away in 2007. This site is a tribute to her life\\'s work and shows some of her work samples.
  • Clay In Critique - Group of friends spread from one coast to weblogs the other, weblogs highlight and discuss work from each weblogs member - exhibited at weblogs NCECA in Pittsburgh.
  • Sawdust and Dirt - Blog of Michael Kline, making archaic wares in the mountains of North Carolina.
  • Pots and Other Things - Postings by New Hampshire based potter and musician, crafts John Zentner.
  • Shane Norrie - Journal - Gallery of works and upcoming exhibitions for the crafts Canadian ceramist.
  • A Devonshire Pottery - Tales of the goings on at Hollyford Pottery, near the crafts tiny village of Stockleigh English in Devon, England.
  • Pinkkiss Pottery - A glimpse into the studio and interests of Baltimore based weblogs ceramic artist, Shawna Pincus.
  • Dragonfly Clay - Entries from Canadian ceramic artist Cheryl Alena Bartram.
  • e2r Ceramics - Blog of Glasgow, Scotland based ceramic artist Emilka crafts Radlinska.
  • Pottery Blog: Emily Murphy - Postings from a potter making mostly functional soda fired ceramics in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Tuppy's Ceramic Art - Blog of ceramic sculptor ceramic Antonia (Tuppy) Lawson.
  • Australian Pottery - Discussion for collectors of Australian contemporary pottery, 1960\'s crafts to date.
  • Scott’s Blog - Images of sculpted animals and wheel thrown vessels, weblogs with a crafts biography, reviews, and news of the weblogs artist.
  • Notes from an Apprenticeship - Blog of North Carolina based potter Alex Matisse, making wood fired stoneware.
  • Euan The Potter - The life and times of an Australian Potter, crafts living and ceramic art and pottery working in Mashiko, Japan.
  • Musing About Mud - Discussions by Carole Epp, a ceramic artist based ceramic art and pottery out of Saskatoon, Canada.
  • Support Your Local Potter - A record of the life and times at the Phillips ceramic art and pottery Pottery in Abilene, Texas.
  • Fresh Plums - John Glick - Discusses photography for potters.
  • Hannah McAndrew - Slipware Potter - Postings from Scotland based potter working with functional crafts tableware.
  • Potter’s Journal - Postings and photographs from Utah based potter Joseph Bennion.
  • Potsblog - Studio diary and catalogue from UK based potter.
  • New Work - Porcelain and cut paper by Katie Parker.
  • Potter's Journal - A record of what\\'s happening at the Pottery ceramic art and weblogs pottery along with thoughts, ideas, rants, ramblings by Ron ceramic art weblogs and pottery Philbeck, Shelby, North Carolina.
  • Tara Robertson Pottery - Blog postings from a Utah based ceramic artist.
  • Tom Gray - Seagrove, NC - Blog of the potter who has spent the last 32 weblogs years making handmade pots.

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