Lampworking Glass Crafts

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See Also:
  • Becklin Bead Designs - A gallery of custom lampwork beaded bracelets.
  • Waimea Mist - A gallery of floral and sushi glass beads glass and jewelry crafts from Hawaii artist.
  • Jupiter Nielsen Flameworking - Flameworked borosilicate glass sculpture by Jupiter Nielsen, specializing lampworking in sea crafts creatures and insects.
  • Tobler Glass Creations - Realistic lampworked glass beads depicting animals, crafted by glass Wendy Tobler.
  • Liliana Bead - Features sculpted, figurative lampworked beads, ornaments and various crafts jewelry.
  • Kathy Perras - Showcases a gallery of contemporary beads and jewelry lampworking designed using these beads.
  • Selin Okcu - Gallery of handmade glass jewelry by Turkish artist.
  • Carol Marando - Offers handmade lampwork glass beads jewelry.
  • The Glass Beadle - Cassie Donlen, of the Glass Beadle, creates floral, glass abstract and glass figurative bead sets.
  • Pati Walton Designs - Biography, articles and gallery of abstract and detailed glass figurative beads.

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