Neon Glass Crafts

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See Also:
  • Evening Neon - Includes photo gallery and information about rental neon art by artist Eve Hoyt.
  • Museum of Neon Art - Features online galleries of several neon artists.
  • Peter Freeman - Showcases public light scultptures crafted with cold-cathode neon fibre-optics flood lights.
  • Krypton Neon - Kenny Greenberg\\'s online gallery of neon art also includes technical crafts information.
  • Scott Gelo - Neon art sculpture, includes artist\'s biography, portfolio, exhibitions, neon and commissions.
  • Ken Yuhasz - Spokane design studio producing neon signs and sculptures.
  • Ehlenberger - Features neon light fixtures, sculptures and wall decoration.
  • Kraft Studio - Online gallery of contemporary neon art in public crafts and private spaces, designed by Craig Kraft.

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