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Tips and techniques for changing colors, afghan/tunisian, crohook, crocheted cables, and cross stitch on afghan stitches with detailed pictures.

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  • Patty's Filet and Crocheting Page - Filet tutorial, crochet companion outlining the basics, abbreviations and terms, knitting and crochet over a hundred free patterns, and related links.
  • Yarn Forward - Wrapping method to determine the thickness of yarn.
  • Free Guidelines for Knit or Crochet - Offers general instructions for a basic raglan sweater.
  • Bead Crochet - Animated lessons for left and right hands. Slow or normal speed and a bead rope primer.
  • Woolcrafting - Offers a tutorial. Learn felting techniques and about faqs, help, and tutorials caring for wool garments.
  • Granny's Garret : Symbol Crochet - Detailed explanation of diagrams, abbreviations and basic symbols.
  • Mwillson Designs - Surface technique used to enhance flat stitch work.
  • MaryM's Original Crochet Tatting Designs - Online video for tatted chains with the cro-tat hook.
  • Easy and Cheap Crafts - Converting patterns between knitting to crochet.
  • Learn to Crochet - Instructions on getting started, choosing yarn, needles, and knitting and crochet basic stitches. Includes some pictures and printable pages.
  • Knitted Threads - Tips and techniques for changing colors, afghan/tunisian, crohook, crochet crocheted cables, faqs, help, and tutorials and cross stitch on afghan stitches crochet with detailed pictures.
  • CGOA - Basic lessons from the Crochet Guild of America.
  • The "FROG" Page - Dedicated to the funny side of crochet.
  • Yarn Lovers Room - Great solutions to various crochet problems. Email your knitting and crochet crochet short cut.
  • Knitting Anyway - Russian join for changing yarn colors.

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