For Charity Knitting and Crochet Crafts

Free charity knitting and crochet patterns. Also includes sizing charts for premature babies through adults, newborn intensive care units in need, and a directory of charities that accept crafted items.

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See Also:
  • The Bridge Project - Collecting knit and crocheted items for the homeless crafts in central Ohio. Includes links to patterns crafts and photographs.
  • Rectangle 6 x 9 - Volunteers knit and crochet rectangles to be joined knitting and crochet into afghans which are distributed to wounded members knitting and crochet of the armed forces. Includes guidelines and knitting and crochet patterns, photo gallery, and events.
  • Binky Patrol Comforting Covers for Kids - An organization that knits, crochets, sews and quilts knitting and crochet crafts blankets for children and teens who are seriously knitting and crochet crafts ill, hospitalized, in foster care, in shelters, abused, knitting and crochet crafts or homeless.
  • Angel Hugs Canada - Knit or crochet items for those that have knitting and crochet crafts suffered a severe trauma or serious life threatening knitting and crochet crafts illness, young mothers at risk, and the homeless knitting and crochet crafts in the in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada area. knitting and crochet crafts Includes announcements, patterns, media coverage, meeting schedul
  • Interweave Knits: Knitting Charities for a Better World - Listing of organizations that accept knit and crocheted items and distribute them to people in need. Also includes a list of correctional facilities that accept donations of yarn and supplies.
  • Knots of Love - Crocheting and knitting caps for people with life-threatening illnesses and knitting and crochet injuries. Includes patterns, guidelines, and affiliated treatment centers.
  • Teddies for Tragedy - Canadian chapter, knitting and crocheting teddy bears for children in crafts developing countries. Includes patterns and photographs.
  • Christmas at Sea - Providing knitted and crocheted gifts to deep-sea and for charity river mariners. Includes guidelines, patterns, and a for charity newsletter.
  • Stitchers of Love - A ministry of knitting, crocheting, and needlework for those in for charity need. Includes patterns, pictures, and prayers.
  • Yahoo Group: Caps for a Cure - Knitting and crocheting hats for chemotherapy patients.
  • The Preemie Project - Provides knit and crocheted items for premature and for charity critically crafts ill infants and their families at The for charity University of crafts Iowa Children’s Hospital. Includes guidelines, for charity size charts, patterns, crafts and a blog.
  • Warm Up America Foundation - Nonprofit organization to distribute afghans to the needy. Volunteers knitting and crochet knit and crochet squares. Includes patterns, tips, and information knitting and crochet on forming a local group.
  • TLC for Angels - Charity group crafting knit and crocheted baby clothes crafts and items for charity for preemies and hospital confined children. crafts Includes patterns.
  • Scarves from the Heart - Provides knitted and crocheted scarves to cancer centers and homeless for charity shelters in the Stockton, California area. Includes patterns.
  • Mother Bear Project - Provides crocheted and knit bears to children with HIV/AIDS in for charity emerging nations. Includes pattern and kit ordering, photo gallery, for charity bear sponsorships, list of monthly knitting groups, and FAQ.
  • The OFA Red Scarf Project - Providing scarves to foster kids as they go for charity off for charity to college. Includes guidelines and patterns for charity for knitters for charity and crocheters.
  • One Square at a Time Project - Providing crocheted, knit, and loomed blankets, hats, and knitting and crochet booties to newborns in Montgomery County, Virginia. Includes knitting and crochet patterns and discussion group.
  • Yahoo Group: Macuwita Sni - Group that crochets and knits for children on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota.
  • Afghans for Afghans Knit- and Crochet-Along - Items for children and women in Afghanistan. crafts Includes individual\'s for charity projects and patterns.
  • Yahoo Group: LoveAfghans For Pine Ridge Reservation - Knits and crochets squares and afghans for PRR for charity residents.
  • Blankets for Canada Society - Non-denominational organization devoted to creating blankets for those knitting and crochet crafts Canadians who need the warmth they provide. knitting and crochet crafts Includes knit and crochet patterns, local chapters, and knitting and crochet crafts a discussion group.
  • Bev's Country Cottage - Free charity knitting and crochet patterns. Also crafts includes sizing charts for premature babies through adults, crafts newborn intensive care units in need, and a crafts directory of charities that accept crafted items.
  • The Warm Hands Network - Group based in Ottawa, Ontario, providing hand-knit hats, crafts socks, mittens, knitting and crochet gaitors, sweaters and blankets to selected crafts organizations. Includes photographs knitting and crochet and patterns.
  • Compassionate Creations - Volunteers knit and crochet scarves for victims of knitting and crochet knitting and crochet sexual abuse and assault.
  • The National World War II Museum: Knit Your Bit - Project that distributes knit and crocheted scarves to knitting and crochet veterans in a veterans center in the US. knitting and crochet Includes patterns, FAQ, and a blog.
  • Hat Box Foundation - Nonprofit organization of volunteers who knit and crochet knitting and crochet crafts hats for people with life-threatening illnesses. Includes knitting and crochet crafts a list of affiliated treatment centers.
  • Cuddles - Group providing knit and crocheted premature-sized burial garments knitting and crochet and blankets to hospitals in the UK. knitting and crochet Includes guidelines, patterns, and discussion group.
  • The WinterWarm Project - Australian group that knits and crochets items for for charity children in Afghanistan. Includes guidelines and patterns.
  • Afghans for Afghans - Humanitarian and educational project sending hand-knit and crocheted blankets, hats, mittens, socks, sweaters, and vests to needy people of Afghanistan.

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