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Scroll to the bottom of the page to find step by step tatting tutorial. Free patterns also on site, plus books, shuttles, kits.

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Editor's Picks:

The OnlineTatting Class* - The lessons on this site are indexed by year. Each contains: a photo of the lace to be studied, the pattern, diagrams, and written instructions. Subjects range from beginning lessons to advanced techniques.

  • Briggs Video Tatting Lessons - Sharon has created detailed video clips demonstrating the tatting technique of tatting. Tips and a tatted tatting wedding headpiece are also featured here.
  • Mimi Dillman - Skilled in several forms of lacemaking, Mimi has instruction completed a study of cluny techniques. Her instruction information is well researched, and the bibliography is instruction extensive.
  • Tatting Diagram Tutorial - Gillian Buchanan walks you thru the process of drawing a lacemaking tatting diagram using Paint Shop Pro.
  • Tatters Across Time, Inc. - This proficiency program for shuttle tatters operates similar tatting to a coorespondence course. Lessons are taught in tatting three levels: Apprentice, Artisan and Master. Mentors are tatting available to each student.
  • Tat-ra Sutra - Jen\\'s illustrated step by step instructions are instruction easy to follow. She teaches with a touch instruction of humor, making even her history lesson fun. instruction Although the site has a lot of content, instruction its organization makes it easy to navigate.
  • Self Closing Mock Ring - Gary and Randy Houtz designed a new shuttle instruction (gr8) and tatting a self-closing mock ring. Instructions for instruction the ring are found tatting at this site, plus instruction three patterns that utilize the technique.
  • Tatting by Marie - Marie teaches the flip in simple illustrations and provides a tatting basic border pattern.
  • Pamde's Place - Pamela de Vries provides illustrated needletatting lessons and tatting a pansy tatting pattern.
  • Hands On Crafts for Kids - A simple star project introduces children to tatting instruction concepts.
  • First Lesson with Carrie Carlson - Carrie Carlson presents an illustrated tatting lesson for left and instruction right handed tatters.
  • Tatting History - A retail shop, Navarro River Knits, provides a lacemaking page on lacemaking the history of tatting.
  • This 'n' Tat - Lessons cover pattern reading, folded joins, beads, and tatting node stitch. tatting Includes patterns and projects.
  • Tatting ... Just for You - Scroll to the bottom of the page to instruction find step by step tatting tutorial. Free patterns instruction also on site, plus books, shuttles, kits.
  • MaryM's Cro-Tat - Mary has taken follow-along photos of a bookmark lacemaking and illustrated an edging tutorial. She\\'s also added lacemaking a dozen photos to her gallery.
  • David Reed Smith - Master shuttlemaker shares complete illustrated instructions for creating instruction his much sought-after shuttles.
  • Making the Last Join - Jessie Elder demonstrates how to make that last lacemaking join without twisting the picot.
  • Silk Tatting Lesson Book - The complete text, with original illustrations, of this instruction vintage Carlson lacemaking Currier bookletis on this site.
  • Lisa's Tatting Book Collection - Lisa has reviewed a hundred tatting pattern and instruction books.
  • Resources by Rissa - Tatting resources are listed under the categories of educational, retail, lacemaking manufacturers and magazines.
  • BellaOnline - Tatting - Gillian Buchanan, a Lace Guild certified tatter, writes instruction a tatting lacemaking column and newsletter for this network. instruction She provides instructions lacemaking to aid both the instruction beginning and advanced tatter. See the lacemaking archives for instruction her series on adding beads.
  • Grandmother's Way to Tat - Donna demonstrates the reverse riego method of holding instruction a shuttle.
  • The Muddler's Book Reviews - Sixteen tatting books are reviewed in detail.
  • Sabina Madden - Designing a new tatted work is easier with tatting a stitch gauge. Making one in each tatting size thread allows the tatter to estimate the tatting number of stitches that will be needed in tatting a new project. Seven lessons for advanced tatters tatting included.
  • Il chiacchierino di Isla - This Italian site, translated into English, includes a tatting gallery, shuttles instruction and instructions.
  • Frivolite in Two Languages - Wally teaches tatting in both English and Spanish. El unico web site en espaƱol con instrucciones para aprender el Frivolite.

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