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Focus on promoting architectural, artistic and practical blacksmithing, while preserving the past heritage of this craft. Includes a gallery and upcoming events.

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  • Mississippi Forge Council - ABANA chapter. Includes a gallery, membership schedule and newsletters.
  • Kentucky Blacksmiths Association - ABANA affiliate serving Kentucky. Includes a newsletter blacksmithing and membership organizations information.
  • Western Reserve Artist Blacksmith Association - Ohio chapter of the Artist Blacksmith Association of North America. Includes a bulletin board and tips.
  • Prairie Blacksmiths Association - Hobbyists and professional smiths in Nebraska and surrounding blacksmithing states. Includes a gallery, projects, and member blacksmithing information.
  • Gulfcoast Blacksmiths Association - ABANA affiliate serving Louisiana and Mississippi. Includes organizations a calendar, metal craft classified ads, photos and video library.
  • Houston Area Blacksmith Association - Offering a public listing of newsletter tips, items blacksmithing for sale. Offering online resources, meeting blacksmithing and sponsor information.
  • Blacksmiths Association of Western Australia - Western Australia chapter of ABANA
  • Alabama Forge Council - A Chapter of ABANA to promote the art blacksmithing of blacksmithing. Techniques, upcoming events, member gallery, and blacksmithing contacts.
  • New England Blacksmith Association - Regional chapter of the ABANA. Includes upcoming events, metal craft photos metal craft and resources.
  • The Guild of Metalsmiths - A nonprofit educational organization centered in Minneapolis/St.Paul Minnesota. organizations Includes a organizations forum, newsletter and publications, activities, and organizations galleries.
  • The Blacksmith's Guild - Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland chapter of ABANA. metal craft Includes a newsletter, calendar, photos and scholarship metal craft information.
  • Appalachian Area Chapter of ABANA - Appalachian Area Chapter of the Artist Blacksmith Association blacksmithing of North America.
  • New Jersey Blacksmith Association - Regional ABANA Chapter. Includes newsletter, photos, blacksmithing board of directors and classes.
  • Capital District Blacksmiths - Artists Blacksmiths Association serving the Albany NY area. organizations Includes meeting information, tips and tools, and organizations a calendar.
  • The Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America (ABANA) - A non-profit educational organization dedicated to promoting the metal craft art organizations of blacksmithing. ABANA\\'s two quarterly publications, the metal craft Anvil\\'s Ring organizations and the Hammer\\'s Blow, provide inspiration metal craft and technical information organizations for 4,500 members.
  • Blue Ridge Blacksmiths Association of Virginia - Encourages and facilitates the establishment of training programs. Serving the Lynchburg, Bedford and Roanoke areas.
  • Louisiana Metalsmiths' Association ( LAMA ) - A chapter of ABANA. Includes a member metal craft gallery metal craft and events.
  • Pittsburgh Area Artist-Blacksmiths Association - Calendar of events, photo galleries, member profiles and blacksmithing a projects metal craft page
  • Ocmulgee Blacksmith Guild - Dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the metal craft art, located in Central Georgia. Includes meeting metal craft information, message board, and chat room.
  • Illinois Blacksmith Association (IVBA) - Focus on promoting architectural, artistic and practical blacksmithing, metal craft while preserving the past heritage of this craft. metal craft Includes a gallery and upcoming events.
  • Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil - Chapter of the Artist Blacksmith Association of North metal craft America. Includes meetings, classes, and photo gallery.
  • NC ABANA - North Carolina Chapter of the Artists Blacksmiths Association metal craft of metal craft America. Includes information on classes, scholarships metal craft and member metal craft exhibits.
  • Appalachian Blacksmiths Association - Chapter location of ABANA, located in West Virginia. Includes metal craft supplies, calendar of events, and educational information.
  • British Artist Blacksmiths Association (BABA) - Focusing on craftsmanship and design among artist blacksmiths blacksmithing in Great blacksmithing Britain and abroad. Includes a blacksmithing newsletter, events, and education.
  • Great Plains Blacksmith Association - Regional chapter of ABANA. Includes a newsletter organizations and upcoming events.
  • Four States Iron Munchers - ABANA affiliate Texarkana area blacksmiths association. Includes meeting information, photos and newsletter.
  • North Texas Blacksmiths Association - Regional ABANA chapter. Includes newsletter, member and meeting information.

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