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Comprehensive list of detailed instructions for items such as: ornaments, cards, dolls, figures, jewelry, home decoration items, and rubber stamped items. Also includes a kids section, gift ideas for educators, seasonal items, and a tips and techniques s

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  • Sculpey Projects - Comprehensive list of detailed instructions for items such modeling compounds as: polymer clay ornaments, cards, dolls, figures, jewelry, home decoration modeling compounds items, and polymer clay rubber stamped items. Also includes modeling compounds a kids section, polymer clay gift ideas for educators, seasonal modeling compounds items, and a tips polymer clay and techniques s
  • Desiree's Polymer Clay How-To Desk - Covers basic tools such as using the pasta modeling compounds machine and dremel polishing wheel as well as modeling compounds directions for making rainbow and bullseye lace canes, modeling compounds beads, switchplate covers, silk screening and faux gemstones.
  • Is it Real or is it Fimo - Instructions on making fake flower leis and a class schedule for the Hawaii area. [Honolulu Star-Bulletin]
  • Polymer Clay Projects and Ideas - Instructions for a variety of items including candle holders, switch modeling compounds plate covers, picture frames, gift tags, brooches, and angel ornaments. modeling compounds Includes photographs and detailed descriptions. [Angels Landing]
  • Dragons - Detailed directions including form building, armatures, and detailing. Includes modeling compounds photographs. By Barbara Foster
  • The Polymer Parrot - Illustrated lessons and instructions for various techniques and project pages projects including: covering glass, making pen covers, mokume project pages gane, flower beads, and wish bottles. Also features project pages a gallery of artist works and links to project pages suppliers and web rings.
  • Polymer Clay Express Mini Lessons - Information on various techniques. Instructions on sculpting a modeling compounds scrap project pages dragon, vintage looking mini-frames, a hollow rattle modeling compounds pendant, and project pages faux cloisonne' or filigree.
  • Tutorials Galore - Listing of links to various instructional pages for project pages making polymer clay beads, birds, flowers, covered pens and notebooks, project pages vessels, rocks, polymer clay eggs, dragons, face canes, and faux project pages stone and wood polymer clay techniques. [Utah Polymer Clay Guild]
  • Projects and Plans - Tips on wrapping and cutting canes as well modeling compounds as polymer clay links to various project pages including: a modeling compounds victorian treasure polymer clay box, a filigree egg, faux ivory modeling compounds switchplates, fan buttons, polymer clay holiday ornaments, and ethnic look modeling compounds beads. By Sarajane Helm. polymer clay [Polyclay]
  • Sculpey 101 - FAQ page concerning conditioning, drying, color changes, mixing, and tools. polymer clay [Sculpey]
  • The House of the Rising PoRRo - Several instruction sets on flower pins, beads, mirror canes, using polymer clay leftovers, and egg covering.
  • Polymer Clay Central Lessons, Projects, and Instructions - Comprehensive list of projects and tips for the beginner to project pages the advanced. [Polymer Clay Central]

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