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Millefiore and metal clay pendants and earrings. Includes an artist profile, precious metal clay products and supplies, art gallery, links, and details of classes taught.

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  • Quilted Silver Beads - Very simple project to create beads with a quilted look. Ideal beginners project.
  • Gage Designs - Metal clay tips and techniques, information about combining modeling compounds components modeling compounds that cannot be fired in place like modeling compounds titanium and modeling compounds precious stones. Gallery and artist pages.
  • Artsonia Teachers :: Project Lesson Plans - Artsonia is a student art gallery showcasing art projects from schools around the world. Teachers grades K-12 display their class art projects in the museum for free. This lesson plan: Precious Metal Clay jewelry, for Middle grade level. Requires you to c
  • Aluminum Contamination of Silver Clay by Mary Ellin D'Agostino - Beginners often make the mistake of leaving metal modeling compounds clay in contact with aluminum/ aluminium, either in modeling compounds the form of foil or leaving it in modeling compounds contact with cutters. This causes contamination of the modeling compounds metal clay.
  • Finishing Metal Clay - Useful information about finishing metal clay pieces.
  • Getting Started: Precious Metal Clay - Discusses the cost involved in this artform and offers links precious metal clay to suppliers and informational pages. []
  • Art Clay World USA - Extensive information and tips on using Art Clay. Message board.
  • Amor De Plata - Handcrafted fine silver art jewelry. Precious metal clay jewelry creations. Rings, necklace, pendant, earrings and charms.
  • Metal Clay Academy - Free comprehensive and independent information and resources for anyone interested modeling compounds in finding out about metal clay.
  • MED'A Creations - Provides information, instruction, and certification courses for silver clay. modeling compounds Features an artist background section, jewelry gallery, and links to modeling compounds technical information and related resources.
  • How to Make a Precious-Metal Polymer Clay Pendant - Valerie Tremelat is a law clerk by day modeling compounds but modeling compounds she loves to make jewelry. She discovered modeling compounds precious metal modeling compounds clay (PMC) some years ago and modeling compounds loves the fact modeling compounds that she can create a modeling compounds piece of jewelry the modeling compounds day that she needs modeling compounds to wear it.
  • Techniques Overview for Precious Metal Clay / PMC and Art Clay Silver and Gold - This lens is a gateway to information about precious metal clay techniques for working with metal clay. It includes precious metal clay links to the individual lenses I am developing precious metal clay with in-depth, detailed information about the relevant techniques precious metal clay for each stage in the process.
  • Lapidary Journal: The Alchemy of Precious Metal Clay (April 1998) - Short article about metal clay.
  • Art Clay World UK - Contains information about how to find art clay precious metal clay modeling compounds training in the UK and resources from past precious metal clay modeling compounds conferences.
  • Lapidary Journal - Feats of Clay - A decade after it was introduced, how is metal clay used today by modern metal clay artists? Article from the Lapidary Journal magazine.
  • Art Clay Society - Art Clay Society is a community of metal clay artists crafts designed to foster artistic, business, and personal growth through inspiration, crafts education and communication.
  • Textured Precious Metal Clay Earrings: Jewelry Artist Project - Textured metal clay earrings - silver earrings with a ridgey precious metal clay surface.
  • Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery - Independent jewellery making school based in Cornwall, UK. precious metal clay Offering a number of classes in using precious precious metal clay metal clay plus the only independent Diploma in precious metal clay PMC.
  • Art Clay World India - Art Clay World India are all about learning, crafts teaching and precious metal clay handcrafting beautiful jewelry using silver clay, crafts metal clay and gold precious metal clay clay.
  • PMC Guild UK - Contains information about precious metal clay including classes, teaching resources, modeling compounds getting started information and a teacher review section.
  • Yahoo Group - Metal Clay Gallery - A gallery group, with pictures of metal clay modeling compounds work precious metal clay grouped into albums by artists.
  • Silver Metal Clay Heart Project - Project page for making a silver clay heart crafts shaped pendant or pin.
  • Enameling On Fine Silver Metal Clay - Excerpts from a book of instruction by Jean Vormelker.
  • PMC Guild - Information on the medium, class schedules, a newsletter, and a precious metal clay gallery of ideas and designs by various artists.
  • Artique - Millefiore and metal clay pendants and earrings. Includes modeling compounds an artist profile, precious metal clay products and modeling compounds supplies, art gallery, links, and details of classes modeling compounds taught.
  • Precious Metal Clay Pendant by Andrea Scholes - Complete directions on making a pendant with picture precious metal clay crafts of the finished product.
  • Silver Jewelry for Non-Jewelers - By Baroness Cynthia du Pré Argent. Describes precious metal clay the process involved in making a badge and precious metal clay pendant.
  • Silver Clay Punch Pendant - This simple pendant looks more complicated because it precious metal clay crafts uses punched out pieces of paper clay to precious metal clay crafts make designs on the surface of the pendant. precious metal clay crafts Clearly illustrated and a really nice beginners project.
  • Metal Clay Brands and Formulas: Precious Metal Clay (PMC), Art Clay Silver and Gold and more! - There are two main brands of metal clay: crafts PMC and crafts Art Clay. This lens describes the crafts key characteristics of each crafts formula from each of crafts those two brands and includes the crafts clay types crafts available for each formula.
  • Silver Clay Canada - Canada\\'s leading retailer of Art Clay Silver and modeling compounds BRONZclay modeling compounds products. We also offer classes and certifications.
  • Precious Metal Clay Fact Sheet - Definition and production process information including, shaping, firing, modeling compounds and finishing. [Society of American Silversmiths]
  • Ring sizing guide - Useful tutorial on how to make rings of precious metal clay crafts the correct size taking into account the shrinkage precious metal clay crafts of metal clay.
  • Textures: Art In Silver - Pictures of Hadar Jacobson\\'s silver clay jewellery. Information precious metal clay on classes in PCM and jewellery making.
  • Precious Metal Clay - An article and previous discussion by people interested modeling compounds in this medium.
  • Yahoo Groups: Metalclay - Very heavily updated information sharing group. Professional artists, certified instructors, crafts and hobbyists are welcome. Message group and message archive crafts with search function going back to March 2002.
  • PMC Conference - Information from the International conference for precious metal clay enthusiasts, precious metal clay hosted every two years by the PMC Guild.
  • Art Clay Club - The Art Clay Club provides clear information, learning modeling compounds opportunities, crafts and certification, for home or business craftworkers, modeling compounds jewellers, metalsmiths, crafts modelmakers, retailers, resellers, and teachers.
  • Silver-Clay.Com - In depth information on PMC and Art Clay crafts Silver as modeling compounds well as an artists gallery, how-to crafts section, equipment and merchandise.
  • Shell Pendant project - Tutorial showing how to make a shell pendant precious metal clay precious metal clay from a mould with a hidden bail and precious metal clay precious metal clay set with a stone.
  • Reclaiming metal clay - An alternative way of reclaiming dried metal clay precious metal clay into a workable format.
  • PMC Connection - Class information, image galleries of completed works, merchandise area, and a 'meet the staff' section.
  • SilverClay - Includes firing charts for art clay and PMC, tutorials and general silver clay instructions, features photo gallery.
  • Make a Silver Leaf Pendant - Project instructions, with pictures, for making a fine modeling compounds silver precious metal clay pendant, using a natural leaf. Very simple modeling compounds beginners project.[PDF]
  • Tutoriel Pâte d'argent - Reconstitution d'un pain - Reconstituting Metal Clay Tutorial - Pâte d'Argent Cours et Formations - Tutorial in English and French showing how to modeling compounds reconstitute precious metal clay dried metal clay back to a workable modeling compounds consistency.
  • Create a Leaf Pendant or Charm Using PMC Slip - Simple beginners project showing how to paint a crafts leaf with crafts metal clay paste.
  • Polymer and Precious Metal Projects - Selection of step-by-step instructions for various jewelry making crafts projects. [Lapidary precious metal clay Journal]
  • Tips and Tricks for Working with PMC - Series of pages from teacher and artist Lora crafts Hart giving modeling compounds lots of useful tips and hints crafts from beginner level through modeling compounds to the more advanced.
  • - Jewelry Projects - Projects, definitions, information on getting started, and links to related sites.

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