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Learn about a guild that fosters the art of needlework through educational programs, workshops, tours, a library, newsletter and monthly meetings.

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  • South Central Region EGA - Region area includes Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Our purpose is to foster standards of excellence in the practice of embroidery through an active program of education.
  • Embroidery and Textile Tutors' Association - Annual conference, workshops, newsletter and exhibitions.
  • The Embroiderers' Guild Of Western Australia - The guild aims to foster, preserve and extend organizations the ancient art of embroidery in all its organizations forms and to maintain a high standard of organizations work.
  • Embroiderers' Guild UK - Organization to share opportunities for discovery and creativity needlework in embroidery. embroidery Workshops, other activities, library, branches.
  • Needlework Guild of Minnesota - Learn about a guild that fosters the art organizations of needlework through educational programs, workshops, tours, a organizations library, newsletter and monthly meetings.
  • The Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc - Non-profit embroidery guild was founded to foster high organizations standards of embroidery excellence in the practice of the organizations art of embroidery, and embroidery to develop an active organizations program of education and study to embroidery meet the organizations needs of its members.
  • Sun Region EGA - Represents the chapters in Florida. Seminar information, chapter meeting times, membership information.
  • Practical Study Group - Aims to impart the satisfaction of working with needlework fabric and needlework threads, and the excitement of exploring needlework the design process. Affiliated needlework with the Embroiderers\' Guild, needlework UK.
  • Embroidery Help - Yahoo group about machine problems, source, shows, or organizations any other needlework embroidery related subjects.
  • DesignSearch - Yahoo group for embroiderers to search for designs needlework online.
  • Northern Ireland Embroidery Guild - Promotes traditional hand embroidery, contemporary machine embroidery and needlework textile art embroidery through lectures, workshops and exhibitions.
  • Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild, Inc. - International guild with information on chapters, activities, awards, organizations and seminars.
  • The Embroiderers' Guild Queensland - To promote, preserve and encourage all aspects of embroidery embroidery by organizations providing a venue for embroiderers to embroidery meet, classes to be organizations held and heirloom pieces embroidery to be collected.
  • The Embroiderers' Guild of South Australia Inc. - To promote the practice, study and appreciation of embroidery in needlework all its forms and to encourage excellence by practice and needlework example.
  • Embroiderers Guild, Victoria - A not-for-profit organization open to all lovers of needlework embroidery and embroidery textiles, whether beginner or expert. Based needlework in Victoria, Australia.
  • The Embroiderers' Guild NSW Inc. - Aims to encourage the art of embroidery while needlework maintaining a organizations high standard of design and technique needlework in embroidery. NSW, Australia.
  • Embroiderers' Association of Canada, Inc. - To encourage and promote the practice and knowledge of the needlework art of embroidery in all its forms.
  • Ottawa Valley Guild of Stitchery - Non-profit organization that promotes needlework. Provides meetings, newsletters, workshops, library, and membership in the Embroiderers’ Association of Canada.
  • Brazos Valley Stitchers - Chapter of the Embroiderers\\' Guild of America,located in needlework Bryan College needlework Station, Texas.
  • Cyber Stitchers - The online chapter of the Embroiderers\' Guild of America.
  • Association of New Zealand Embroiderers Guild - To communicate, educate, promote and preserve the artistry embroidery and craftsmanship of embroidery and in doing so embroidery enjoy the fellowship of like-minded people.

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