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To share photos of quilted projects, completed or in progress, which are not necessarily quilts. Show off your handbags, pillows, pouches, and whatever you quilted.

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  • Flickr: Quilted - To share photos of quilted projects, completed or image galleries in quilting progress, which are not necessarily quilts. Show image galleries off your quilting handbags, pillows, pouches, and whatever you image galleries quilted.
  • Flickr: Free Pieced Quilting - This group features finished tops and quilts created quilting with free-style image galleries letters and shapes using Tonya Ricucci\'s quilting methods.
  • Flickr: Quilts and Quilting - Shows hand or machine quilting, finished or in progress work quilting but quilting crafts only.
  • Flickr: Electric Quilt Fun - Show off ideas, designs and quilts you have created.
  • Flickr: The Paper Quilt Project - Each month 12 different artists will be invited to build quilting a paper quilt. At the end of the year, we quilting will decide together as to what to do with each quilting paper quilt.
  • Quilts by Cynthia - Collection of quilts are exhibited. US based.
  • Cindy's World of Quilts - Featuring a gallery of hand-quilted quilts. Featuring the quilting Ring of Quilts. Texas.
  • Flickr: Log Cabin Quilts - Showcasing log cabin quilts.
  • Melody Johnson - Galleries of art quilts, biography, pictures of available patterns, and quilting descriptions of workshops.
  • Flickr: Denyse Schmidt Quilt-Along - Photos from quilters participating in the Denyse Schmidt crafts Quilt-Along, hosted at Hip To Piece Squares.
  • Flickr: Library Quilts - Many libraries have quilts hanging in their libraries and many librarians are quilters.
  • Madeleine Appell - Gallery of art quilts and landscape quilts by quilting contemporary quilter. image galleries Site also describes Madi's workshops.
  • Suzanne Pratt Quilting & Swaps - Gallery of quilting and needlework projects, quilt swaps, and favorite image galleries links.
  • Zena's Quilting Center - Gallery of quilts and information about lectures and workshops. Based in California.
  • Flickr: Modern Quilt-Along - Participants make anything, any size, from the book quilting The Modern quilting Quilt Workshop: Patterns, Techniques, and Designs quilting From the FunQuilts Studio quilting by Weeks Ringle and quilting Bill Kerr. There is no deadline.
  • Cj's Quilting Page - Gallery showcasing her quilts and a Quilt-Sampler email image galleries discussion group. US based.
  • Flickr: Art and Mini Quilts - The art quilt incorporates all sorts of mediums quilting and design quilting elements including paper and paint.
  • Jane Rollason - British quilt maker and artist, exhibits her quilts and provides crafts a schedule of her workshops.
  • Flickr: Vintage Quilts - Vintage quilts and quilt tops are wonderful inspiration. Tattered quilts image galleries are ok but no reproductions.
  • Flickr: Quilt Blocks & Tops - pPost pictures of your quilt blocks, either traditional quilting designs or ones created "off the cuff".

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