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She's been quilting for 19 years and is primarily book and self-taught. Her quilts aren't art, but not necessarily traditional either. She also embroiders and beads.

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  • Quilting Orchardist - Quilter from New Zealand, owns a small orchard, growing kiwifruit and avocados for export. Hand sewing but gradually using the machine as well.
  • Quilting Spirit - A window on quilting in Hawaii. Award-winning quilt crafts artist and weblogs former quilt shop owner.
  • Lazy Gal Quilting - She\\'s been quilting for 19 years and is crafts primarily book quilting and self-taught. Her quilts aren\\'t art, crafts but not necessarily traditional quilting either. She also embroiders crafts and beads.
  • NSW Quilter's Guild Blog - Weblog for the guild members.
  • Paper Quilt Project - Blog for a project to create a monthly paper quilt.
  • Quilt Mavericks Blog Ring - This blog ring is for quilters who work crafts in a weblogs maverick, liberated, primitive, folk-arty and/or improvisational crafts style; not totally arty weblogs but not following the crafts "rules" of traditional quilting either.
  • Artful Quilters Webring - For quilt artists and contemporary quilt makers to quilting share their blogs, exchange thoughts about the process quilting of art quilting, and share other bits quilting of life that swirl around (and get in quilting the way of) quilt making.
  • J's Quilting Blog - Retired school teacher from Manitoba, Canada, who began quilting a year ago.
  • Going to Pieces - A 40-something wife, Mom, quilter, lawyer and avid weblogs reader.
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