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Learn all about making soap at home. Step by step instruction for Cold Process and Hot Process soap making. Also includes recipes and saponification table.

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Blue Aspen Originals* - Instructions for cold process soap making, rebatching, swirling, and recipes.

  • Liquid Soapmaking - Instructions for making liquid soap.
  • Teach Soap - Basic instructions for melt and pour, and cold arts process soap. crafts Includes a glossary of soap arts making terms.
  • Soap Center - Soapmaking recipes, instructions, tips, and supplier links.
  • Audrey's Soap Site - Instruction and recipes for making soap at home. Also includes instruction and recipes for making your own cosmetics.
  • Make Your Cosmetics - Recipes and tips for making soap, toiletries, and soaps cosmetics using natural ingredients.
  • All About Soapmaking - Learn all about making soap at home. Step soaps by step crafts instruction for Cold Process and Hot soaps Process soap making. crafts Also includes recipes and soaps saponification table.
  • The Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild, Inc. - Professional trade organization for makers of handcrafted soap and bodycare products; resources, networking, annual conference, and newsletter.
  • Cole Brothers Soap - Guide on making and marketing decorative soap. Comes with soaps 250 recipes and complete step by step instructions.
  • Soap Naturally Web - Collection of resources and information about natural handmade arts soap. Recipes, crafts photo archive, history of soapmaking, and arts soap making methods.
  • Soap Making Resource - Detailed step by step guide for soap making crafts at home. soaps Information about tools, ingredients, skin care crafts and tutorials.
  • Soap Making Business - Resources for those who want to start or arts grow a crafts handcrafted bath and body care business.
  • Cold Process Soapmaking by Debora Yavas - Tutorial for making cold process soaps using unique pipe molds.
  • Soap Teacher - Soap making instructions.
  • Soap Making Forum - A message board forum about homemade soaps, candles, arts lotions and bath products. Includes an information center arts with how to instructions and a resources page.
  • Soap Recipes - User submitted recipes for homemade soap, bath salts, crafts fizzies, scent arts combinations, and packaging tips.
  • Homemade Bath Products - Recipes, information and discussions about handmade soaps and arts bath and arts beauty products.
  • Lovena's Soapmaking - Includes online tutorials for swirling and layering techniques crafts for the Oven Hot Process method of soapmaking.
  • Soap Making Essentials - Learn how to make various types of soap with step by step instructions. Information about ingredients, equipment, decorative ideas, recipes and resources.
  • Origin of Soap - Addresses the chemistry of soap from production soaps to function crafts including a simple lard soap soaps recipe.
  • Sabrina's Soapmaker's Resources - Resources and recipes for soap makers.
  • Nizzy's Whipped Soap - Instructional guide on how to make whipped soap soaps bars. Includes arts recipes, gallery, tips, and pioneer diary.
  • Smelly Chick‚Äôs Online - Soapmaking Resource - Tutorials, soap porn, industry news and more.
  • SoapCalc - Features three different lye calculators for developing soap recipes. Includes soaps information on oils, equipment and FAQ page.
  • Soapmaking - How to make soap and other toiletries from scratch. arts Includes links, articles, and discussions.
  • A Little History of Soap - Soap recipes, instructions, and safety guidelines.
  • Soap Making - Features information about learning to make soap.
  • How to Make Soap at Home - Soap, lotion, and toiletry making instructions. Recipes soaps for goldfish in a bag soap and other soaps glycerin melt and pour recipes. Also includes soaps cold process soap instruction.
  • Colonial Soap Making - This site offers brief history of soap from the first soaps through the colonial period with links to the Soap Factory's online catalog.
  • Cranberry Lane Soap Instructions - Step by step soap and soapmaking instructions. Cold arts process method soaps in detail.
  • Crockpot Soapmaking by Debora Yavas - Step by step instructions for hot process soap arts making using arts the crockpot method.
  • Soapnuts Faq Library - Learn how to make soap, lotions, natural body soaps products. Recipes, facts, help and chat room.
  • GreenSense- Zenda's Homemade Soap and Beauty Recipes - Tips and recipes for homemade soap and beauty products.
  • Pine Meadows Soapmaking Recipes - Recipe listing includes soap, lotion, bath fizzies, lip balms, bath soaps salts, body scrubs. Also includes scent blending suggestions.
  • Soap Queen - Discusses soaps, toiletries, recipes, and experiments around making crafts your own crafts goods.
  • Soap History - History of the development and use of soaps arts and detergents.
  • Soaper Land Forums - Community forum for makers of handmade soap, bath soaps and body crafts products, candles and cosmetics. Includes discussion soaps areas for cooking, general crafts topics and other hobbies.
  • North Country's Soap Making Recipes and Information - A large collection of soap making recipes, hints, arts articles, and tutorials. Includes a free lye calculator.
  • Olympic Views - Beneficial for those new to soaping. Recipes, information, crafts and links crafts compiled by Kathy Miller.
  • Rainbow Meadow Information Center - Instructional guide for soap and lotion making. Includes soap calculator, soaps recipes, ingredient information and essential oil blending calculator.

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