Braiding Textiles Crafts

Information on tablet weaving and ply-split braiding, photos of bands, braids, and baskets, workshop descriptions, mail order supplies and instructions.

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  • Beginning Kumihimo - A kumihimo beginner's instructional handout.
  • Fingerloop Braids - Fingerloop braids from 15th-17th century Medieval Europe. braiding Transcribed and textiles interpreted from documents of the era braiding with detailed instructions and textiles profuse illustrations.
  • Carey, Jacqui - Features the artist\\'s work in kumihimo and contains braiding information about workshops.
  • Fiber Expression - Maryse Levenson, weaver, braidmaker and teacher. Includes crafts resume, classes offered and scheduled, and gallery of crafts work.
  • Hendrickson, Linda - Information on tablet weaving and ply-split braiding, photos crafts of bands, braiding braids, and baskets, workshop descriptions, mail crafts order supplies and instructions.
  • Kinoshita, Masako - Artist working in kumihimo as well as kute-uchi, crafts an archaic braiding technique she reconstructed. Includes information crafts on workshops.
  • Tada, Makiko - Author, teacher, artist, and industry consultant. Features crafts a bibliography, gallery, and event schedule.
  • Owen, Rodrick - Author, teacher and artist. Features example pieces, biography, and textiles teaching schedule.
  • Van Epen, Marijke - Features ethnic weaving techniques and tablet weaving. braiding Includes gallery, crafts information on workshops and publications.
  • The Braid Society - Group which focuses on narrow off-loom techniques. braiding Includes membership textiles information, resources and events.
  • Kumihimo - Lessons, information and sources for Japanese kumihimo, maru dai braiding techniques and equipment.
  • Braidweaver - Carol Franklin - Introduction to Kumihimo on the Taka Dai, including description of the parts of the device and braiding instructions.
  • Making a Viking Whip-cord - Instructions for making a 4 strand braid using crafts a method called interlocking or Viking Whip-cord.
  • Holmberg, Shawnnee - Features artist\\'s statement and her work in origami crafts and kumihimo textiles jewelry.
  • A Few Medieval Braids - Instructions with illustrations for creating a basic flat braid, a crafts basic round or square braid, a guilloche, and a fingerloop crafts braid. Different strand configurations are shown.
  • Hirai Kumihimo House - A craft house in Japan producing items including sashes, haori laces and jewelry. Includes a brief background of the art and pictures of the various types of stands in use.
  • Fifteenth-Century Fingerlooped Braid Reproductions - Samples by Carolyn Priest-Dorman, with photographs and comments.
  • Melbourne Kumihimo Group - Affiliated with the Handweavers and Spinners Guild of braiding Victoria in textiles Australia. Includes membership information, examples braiding of items made using textiles the technique and demonstration braiding at the marudai.
  • Raskin-Schmitz, Juliana - A German braider\\'s gallery of works, with a synopsis of braiding artist's background.

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