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Carol Todd, natural dye specialist. Contains recipes for the Dye Plant of the Month, handwoven rugs, and a gallery of hand-painted silk items.

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See Also:
  • Dharma Trading: Craft Techniques - Dyeing techniques and projects, mostly on black and textiles white blanks.
  • Paula Burch's Hand Dyeing on Fabric Pages - Gallery and how to tie-dye, batik, and dye textiles by many other techniques including low water immersion, textiles dip dyeing, and sprinkle dyeing.
  • Orchil Dye - The poor person\\'s purple. An article speculating on the history of this coloring, including bibliography and experimentation.
  • Ancient Dyes, Natural and Synthetic - Articles on the history and chemistry of indigo and several purples.
  • Olga Zenina - Russian batik artist exploring clothes and interior decor. History and textiles overview of tools, gallery and artist background. (See link textiles in English.)
  • Discharge Dyeing - Information on dye effects achieved by the removal textiles of color already in the fabric, rather than textiles by adding it.
  • Clarissa Cochran - Shibori - Photos and description of basic shibori techniques, biography crafts and workshop information.
  • Diary of a West Cork Dyer - Recipes on wool, and commentary, excerpts from Kate dyeing Jepson's writings.
  • Bello Marini - Image gallery of hand-dyed scarves and T-shirts, with instructions for textiles dying with indigo and the best plant sources for indigotin.
  • Todd Designs - Carol Todd, natural dye specialist. Contains recipes textiles for the crafts Dye Plant of the Month, handwoven textiles rugs, and a gallery crafts of hand-painted silk items.

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