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Segmented woodturnings with a difference; author of the book "The Art of Segmented Woodturning". "Many designs require innovative assembly solutions ... there is great joy in inventing assembly techniques."

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See Also:
  • Converse, Lowell - Examples of segmented hollow forms. Link to his segmented turning lost-wood artisan portfolios process article in Ohio Valley Woodturners Guild segmented turning site.
  • Jerowsky, Dan - Segmented bowls, boxes and vases from local woods, artisan portfolios accented woodturning with selected exotic hardwoods. Vancouver Island
  • Keeling, Dennis - Open segmented turnings with illustrated article on the artisan portfolios process.
  • Badland, Barford "Bill" - Interesting use of colouring with segmented work
  • Geise, Bill - Segmented bowls. California, USA.
  • Smith, Gregg - Segmented Hawaiian Koa turned bowls, vessels, urns, calabashes, and other Hawaiian works of art.
  • Latven, Budd - Turned, carved and sculptured segmented items. Offers instruction, project kits and plans.
  • Moore, Eucled - Overview of creation of polychromatic segmented pieces and a gallery of representative works.
  • Brown, Russell, G. - Bowls and closed forms in varying designs.
  • Shubach, Tim - Segmented and laminated bowls, as well as natural artisan portfolios edge.
  • Wallace, Alex - Choosing woods for segmented work with consideration for segmented turning colour, artisan portfolios texture and grain, with the use of segmented turning detailed accents artisan portfolios such as parquetry.
  • Sneed, Gavin - Segmented and laminated bowls, and some plain bowls. Links artisan portfolios to pages describing the process.
  • Rodger, Jim - Segmented vessels and hollow forms from woods native to the woodturning Western United States, accented with tropical exotics. Several articles giving woodturning tips and techniques, specifically on segmented turning.
  • Swenson, Jon R. - Bowls in strongly contrasted woods; method explained.
  • Santos, Rigoberti - Bowls and hollow forms of various shapes, sizes, and hardwoods.
  • Smith, William - Open and closed segmented vessels of intricate design. woodturning Includes construction details and useful downloads.
  • Ross, D.I. - Laminated bowls and vessels, using mainly reclaimed wood.
  • Pritchard, Bob - Segmented, carved, and inlaid pieces. Link to woodturning segmented turning website. How-to pages on segmentation and inlaying.
  • Krimmel, Max - Gallery of random-segmented platters, articles on constructions methods; also articles woodturning on turning alabaster.
  • Bernstein, Steve - Segmented bowls and vessels in alternative, kaleidoscope-like woodturning designs.
  • Lanham, Ray - The art of turning compound-stave segmented vessels.
  • Tibbetts, Malcolm - Segmented woodturnings with a difference; author of the woodturning book "The Art of Segmented Woodturning". "Many woodturning designs require innovative assembly solutions ... there is woodturning great joy in inventing assembly techniques."
  • Neelley, Kevin - Construction details and software used. Many segmented tips and woodturning techniques. Also gallery of items for sale.
  • Kearney, Tommie - Segmented bowls showing his method, and photos of his workshop in a trailer.
  • Dennis, Gordon - Includes plans, gallery (selling page), how-to\\'s, and plans artisan portfolios for artisan portfolios wind-turbine.
  • Daudelin, Dennis - Segmented bowls, vessels and pens.
  • Hunt, Will - Segmented turnings of various designs.
  • Robinson, Bill - A gallery of segmented items, showing various patterns woodturning and designs, including some three-dimensional effects. Also woodturning a page on the machinery he uses.
  • McAtee, John D. - Gallery of turned items, many segmented; also some artisan portfolios useful articles and tips.

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