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A festival incorporating exhibitions and performances by artists who use computer technology as an integral part of their work: contains articles and interviews about artists; gallery; kids can submit digital self-portraits.

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  • Hello Digital - Free festival of robotics, illuminations, animations, digital film, arts music, games, exclusive showcases, talks and seminars in arts Birmingham, UK.
  • 6th International Browserday - Competition inviting artists and developers to invent a digital new browser digital interface for the future. (Amsterdam, 2002).
  • Lovebytes Digital Arts Festival - International program exploring digital art and culture including events film, design, events music and interactive media.
  • Optronica - New London festival dedicated to the fusion of music and arts visuals.
  • Digital Arts and Culture 2001 - Digital Arts and Culture Conference Overview. Rhode Island, Providence (USA). April 27-29, 2001.
  • Next 5 Minutes - Collaborative exploration of tactical media-making from around the world, exploring connections between art, electronic media and politics. Includes journals and information on Tactical Media Laboratories.
  • Transmediale - Annual festival concerning the role of digital technologies events in contemporary digital society.
  • Onedotzero - A digital creativity initiative, exploring new forms and arts hybrids of moving image. Includes an annual festival, arts commissioning and production of cutting edge digital video arts and new media.
  • Media Forum 2001 - Archives of the Media Forum, an event held events in the events framework of XXIII Moscow International Film events Festival. Descriptions of artwork events shown and links to events participants' websites.
  • Pescara Electronic Artists Meeting - Electronic music, video, robot art, software art, web events art, electronic events installations and performances.
  • Maid in Cyberspace 2000 - Web Art Festival. A showcase of installation and arts web art digital by women multimedia artists. (Montréal February arts 1 to 6, 2000).
  • DLux Media Arts - Features Australian and International single channel, short experimental digital digital cinema and video art works, web and digital sound art.
  • Electrohype 2000 - Art in The Realm of Machines. Conference and exhibition about computerbased art held in Malmö (Sweden) in October 2000.
  • Digital Arts and Culture 1998 - The first of the international conference series, held digital in Bergen 26-28 November 1998. Conference information and digital full text of papers.
  • File/Electronic Language International Festival - Brazilian electronic art festival.
  • Vancouver International Digital Festival - Features digital film, animation and interactive design.
  • Thailand New Media Art Festival - Presents works that deal with any topic associated arts with new media in all its forms. March arts 2004, Bangkok.
  • D-motion - Performances, installations, concerts and lectures about the use of interactive arts media within the musical and visual range.
  • Canarias Mediafest - International Arts and Digital Culture Festival of Gran arts Canaria, Spain.
  • Interactive Situation - New media interactive festival: on line projects, arts web movies, events lectures. By Constantvzw, Brussels (Belgium).
  • SIGGRAPH 2003 - Conference in computer graphics and interactive techniques.
  • ARS Electronica Festival 2001 - Official site of this event held in Linz (Austria). Reports, arts shop and links.
  • Microwave International Media Art Festival - Festival in Hong Kong that promotes cultural exchange digital and appreciation arts of new media art.
  • Coded Cultures - Various artists and art groups are demonstrated at events workshops and an exhibition.
  • Design Observer - Features writings about design and culture.
  • Boston Cyberarts - A festival incorporating exhibitions and performances by artists digital who use events computer technology as an integral part digital of their work: contains events articles and interviews about digital artists; gallery; kids can submit digital events self-portraits.
  • Critical Mas TV - Focuses on free speech and artistic expression influenced events by media-made events events and local realities around the events world.
  • Net.congestion - International festival of streaming media in The Netherlands, devoted to arts new forms of broadcasting and live programming that have emerged arts around the Internet. The festival presents and explores the arts use of streaming media as an artistic and tactical arts (soc
  • Subtle Technologies - A multidisciplinary event where artists and scientists come digital together to discuss, demonstrate and exhibit their work.
  • Alternative Party - Yearly festival of digital culture including visualists, musicians, arts designers, programmers, arts researchers, enthusiasts, held in Helsinki.
  • FONLAD - Online digital arts festival promoted by artists association in Portugal.
  • Arte Scienza - Biennial event dedicated to arts and science.
  • New Forms Festival - Annual festival explores the relationship between technology and events culture in events a media saturated world. Vancouver, B.C., events Canada,
  • [email protected] Festival of New Technologies - Sections include net-art, off-line multimedia, computer animation, minimization and interactive digital installations. In Bilbao, Spain, April, 2004.
  • Digital Arts and Culture 2000 - Held in Bergen in August 2000. Presentation abstracts and brief arts descriptions of performances.
  • Not Still Art Festival - Features abstract and non-narrative electronic motion imaging in events relationship to music and sound.

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