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Dutch artists Albert Roos and Jerousma e-mail each other computergenerated images, add and make changes to received images and send them back, in an endless circle.

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See Also:
  • SITO Synergy - Collaborative Online Art - Collaborative online playspace.
  • C5 - C5 Corporation specializes in cultural production informed by net art the blurred boundaries of research, art and business net art practice. Theory as Product.
  • Antirom - Shockwave pieces from a London multimedia design collective.
  • The Women of the Old Boys Network - OBN is a collective of cyberfeminist new media artists and theorists.
  • We Are Unreasonable People - A group from Porto. Site features many different exhibitions: photography, artists and projects computer graphics, poetry, music, net-art, and others.
  • Three Degrees of Separation - Is online art a revolution or a flash in the net art pan? Janet Cohen, Keith Frank and Jon Ippolito take sides net art on this issue in an argument that unfolds visually as net art well as verbally. Each claim is represented by an image net art which has been filtered and separated into
  • Emailmozaik - Dutch artists Albert Roos and Jerousma e-mail each collaborative projects other net art computergenerated images, add and make changes to collaborative projects received images net art and send them back, in an collaborative projects endless circle.
  • - Jean-Philippe Halgand, Clement Thomas and Paul Dupouy. The function of net art an avant-garde, or of a rear-guard, is neither to advance net art nor retreat, but rather to maneuver.
  • A Description of the Equator and Some ØtherLands - Interactive art from Philip Pocock, Florian Wenz, Udo artists and projects artists and projects Noll, Felix Huber.
  • %20 Network - Jodi is a collaboration between European artists Joan artists and projects Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans.
  • Liquid Hacking Laboratory - Hacking strategies and art practice, including work from artists and projects jodi, Heath Bunting, Lia, Rtmark, Vuk artists and projects Cosic, Natalie Bookchin.
  • Utensil - Deconstructed tools which engage existing systems by miming collaborative projects them net art technically, offering divergent uses and forms of collaborative projects appearance. The net art studio of Sawad Amornvivat, Beth Stryker, collaborative projects and Hernando Barragan.
  • Deface - Interactive site enabling users to undermine the notion collaborative projects of artists and projects authorship.

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