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Covers Hollywood and the motion picture industry with content including video clips, trailers, soundbites, photos, games, celebrities, news, and event coverage.

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  • Talking Pictures - Movie and celebrity news, reviews of films and arts entertainment-related books, articles, interviews, and commentary.
  • The Weekly Script - Collection of scripts for television, movies, and radio shows, downloadable arts in plain-text format. Includes list of Academy Award-winning films.
  • - Focuses on underground entertainment and culture. Includes games and streaming resources media.
  • Pazsaz Entertainment Network - News and database of information on flms, television arts shows, cartoons, and theme parks.
  • Screenonline - Focuses on the British entertainment scene. Includes commentary resources and analysis entertainment related to films, television, and people.
  • Majin Planet Productions - News and reviews on movies, video games, community entertainment discussions and anime. Includes trailers, tutorials and downloads.
  • - Covers Hollywood and the motion picture industry with entertainment content including entertainment video clips, trailers, soundbites, photos, games, entertainment celebrities, news, and event entertainment coverage.
  • CIA: Cinematic Intelligence Agency - News, previews and reviews for music, films, and entertainment television, as entertainment well as release dates, images, DVD entertainment and VHS content, and entertainment a "Star trek" database. entertainment Based in Australia.
  • The Listology - User-contributed, searchable collection of music, movie, and book entertainment lists. Includes entertainment reviews and commentary.
  • The Funkier Than Thou Network - Music, art, essays, and reviews from a community arts of artists, arts writers, musicians, and fans with a arts hip-hop perspective. Includes message arts board.
  • Two Word Heap - Commentary on movies, television, music, and technology. Includes resources columns, podcasts, entertainment polls, and discussion.
  • DigiChannel.Net - News, discussion, and downloads related to movies, music, arts theatre, and arts dance. Includes newsletters.
  • - Database of information on movies, TV shows, actors, actresses, musicians resources and celebrities. Fan community allows sharing of photos, quizzes, videos resources and polls.
  • Zion One - Listings include TV, radio, nightclubs, and theatre in resources the UK. resources Includes reviews and information on jobs resources in the industry.
  • UrbanFilmPremiere - News, pictures, and features focusing on movies, home arts entertainment, music, entertainment and personalities, tailored for an urban arts audience.
  • Taste Kid - Recommendations for music, movies and books that are similar or arts related to the user\\'s preferences. Provides information and/or video or arts audio samples related to recommendations.
  • The Cinema Source - News, reviews, trailers, contests, and statistics covering films, entertainment theatre, and entertainment television.
  • Screen Source - Lists and trivia related to films, television, celebrities, entertainment theaters, and related topics.
  • Entertain Your Brain - News, reviews, and information for fans of movies, entertainment television, music, books, and video games.
  • Information Please Entertainment Almanac - Features data on awards, stars, celebrities, TV, music, movies, and theater. Includes statistics and biographies.
  • Entertainment Scene - Statistics and links on movies, music, books, theater, entertainment entertainment-related awards, entertainment and celebrities. Includes list of fast-food entertainment tie-ins to movies and entertainment television shows.
  • Space of Lumpen - Features articles, music samples, online radio stations, and independent short films, plus concert, performer, and DJ information.
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  • - Dedicated to covering the many-headed hydra that is today's pop culture. Includes news, reviews, and discussion of movies, DVDs, television, music, books, toys, and games.[RSS]

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