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Commentary on film projects, television shows, and music. Includes dream database, weekly columns, poems, essays, and alternative views on a variety of topics.

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  • Metacritic - Reviews, quotes, and composite review scores from major reviews critics for film, video, DVD, music, and video reviews games.
  • JustPressPlay - Movie, music and game reviews.
  • Reviews by Matthew - Commentary on movies, concerts, CDs, DVDs, books, and music.
  • Reviews and More - Covers movies, TV shows, books, and digital media.
  • Film Monthly - Reviews and commentary on film, video, tv, and entertainment pop culture.
  • Reviews By Guild - Covers music and movies. Includes news and commentary.
  • Review Gods - Bringing a divine perspective on all forms of entertainment media entertainment including movies, music, games, comics, video, and web sites.
  • TVBlanket - Reviews on television shows, movies, and home entertainment. arts Includes information entertainment on how to enhance home viewing.
  • EdgeCurve Reviews - Takes a slightly cynical approach to coverage of films on DVD, books, and music.
  • Pulp Film - Reviews focusing on film, anime, and computer games. Includes message board and links to entertainment news.
  • RatingZone: Entertainment Reviews - Uses visitor ratings to make personal predictions for reviews books, music, movies, television, video games, and wine.
  • Classic Film and Television - Reviews of classic movies and television shows.
  • Knockout Review - Small collection of commentaries on films and music, new and old.
  • Livid - Dedicated to individuals who are grumpy, moody, unimpressed. reviews News and entertainment reviews, primarily of films.
  • Super Happy Late Night - Reviews of films and programs likely to be entertainment encountered on television late at night.
  • The Leisure Lab - Movies, games, and music on DVD, CD, and reviews Blu-Ray, with entertainment emphasis on their performance on home reviews AV equipment.
  • Waving Alien - Commentary on film projects, television shows, and music. arts Includes dream arts database, weekly columns, poems, essays, and arts alternative views on a arts variety of topics.
  • Blunt Review - Covers movies, music, and theater. Includes news and interviews.
  • Poopgang - Focuses on videogames, DVDs and film. Also features entertainment forum.
  • The Critical Eye - Reviews of movies, videos, books, music, and technology, plus interviews with the people who make them.
  • Mrs. - Commentary on books, music, movies, television shows, and arts music video.
  • Petersreviews - Commentary on television, movies, computers, games, and music.
  • Gouki - Focuses on video games and movies, as well as selected arts viral video clips.
  • Blissfully Sardonic - A twenty-something expresses herself on films, music, and arts television.
  • Reviewer Notebook - Non-professional reviews by three girls who cover books, reviews music, films, entertainment TV, and music.
  • Foocha! - Movie, TV, media and video from the UK.
  • Media Nugget of the Day - Brief reviews of recordings, books, magazines, TV shows, web sites, arts movies, computer games, or whatever. One review each day.
  • Shaking - Reviews of books, movies, music, and comics. Includes forum and features. Submissions considered.
  • - Provides reviews sorted by genre and information about arts collecting memorabilia. entertainment Also discusses video games and anime.
  • Kit MacFarlane - Web archive of published film, television, and media criticism and reviews commentary by the Australian critic.
  • Dice Reviews - Brief, user-generated reviews of books, movies, games, television entertainment programs, and entertainment music. Includes film trailers.
  • Review Spew - Group of reviewers cover television, books, movies, music, reviews and books.
  • Listen To Me - Humorous reviews of films, music, video games, and arts television shows.
  • ESpy - Reviews covering gaming, movies, music, television, and comics.
  • Dorkgasm - Music, movies, gaming, events, and television of interest to dorks.
  • The Plurp - Movies, television, and local restaurants in Toronto, as entertainment well as featured reviews on music and video entertainment games.
  • One Stop Review - Covers movies in theatres and on DVD, as reviews well as entertainment music and television shows.
  • M&M Shack - Movie and music reviews with links and information arts on the critics.
  • FilmZeus Reviews - Expert commentary on films, music, TV, and books.
  • Speedigy.home - Reviews of television shows and movies. Includes original scripts written by the site owner.
  • PopMatters - Cultural criticism including music, television, films, books, multimedia, and theatre. Offers articles, reviews, and interviews.
  • Lotta Reviews - Archived movie and TV review site.
  • Rainbo Electronic Reviews - Concise reviews of fiction, cookbooks, children\\'s books, reviews computer books reviews and software, books on tape, and reviews home video.
  • - Features reviews of movies, books, music, and board games. reviews Includes short fiction and humor.
  • Library of Inspiration - Reflections about music, literature, and film that have provided inspiration arts to the contributors of the site.
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  • Poptimal - Play-by-play commentary on selected TV programs.[ATOM]
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