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The 65th Worldcon to be held in Yokohama, Japan. Includes guests of honor, hotel and travel information, programming, prices, and contacts. [Japanese/English]

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World Science Fiction Society / WorldCon* - Website with some basic information, schedule of upcoming WorldCons, and links to the websites of upcoming and old WorldCons.

  • Chicon 2000: Tips for the Newcomer - How to get the most out of a worldcon Worldcon, mostly worldcon applicable to any convention.
  • L.A.con IV - The 64th WorldCon, to be held August 23-27, fandom 2006 in Anaheim.
  • Noreascon Four - The 62nd World Science Fiction Convention, to be fandom held September worldcon 2-6, 2004, in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Melbourne in 2010 - A bid to hold another convention in Australia. worldcon List of worldcon supporters and a timeline.
  • Denvention 3 - The 66th World Science Fiction Conventions, held in Denver, Colorado, August 6-10, 2008. Includes archived information about guests, registration, programming, and the hotel.
  • Interaction - 63rd Worldcon, to be held August 04-08, 2005, in Glasgow, fandom Scotland, UK.
  • MagiCon - Program and event schedule
  • Anticipation - A bid for (United States) Labor Day weekend conventions and organizations conventions and organizations in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. [English/French]
  • Chicon 2000 - The 58th World Science Fiction Convention, held Thursday 31 August - Monday 4 September 2000 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Includes biographies of guests, photo gallery, list of Hugo winners, and convention reports.
  • BucConeer - The 56th World Science Fiction Convention, held Wednesday, August 5th conventions and organizations through Sunday, August 9th, 1998 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Includes conventions and organizations an online photo gallery of the convention, and information about conventions and organizations the ongoing student writing contest sponsored by
  • ConJose - The 60th World Science Fiction Convention, which was held worldcon August/September, 2002 in San Jose, California, US. Hugo awards list worldcon and vote tallies, business meeting minutes, speech transcripts, photographs.
  • The Millennium Philcon - The 59th World Science Fiction Convention, held August worldcon 30, 2001 - September 3, 2001 in Philadelphia, worldcon PA. Includes list of Hugo winners, newsletter archive, worldcon and convention program.
  • Nippon2007 - The 65th Worldcon to be held in Yokohama, worldcon Japan. Includes fandom guests of honor, hotel and travel worldcon information, programming, prices, and fandom contacts. [Japanese/English]

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