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  • Science Fiction Cookbook - Recipes to cook aliens and other characters from science fiction and fantasy science fiction and fantasy.
  • Blah Trek - Features humor at the expense of movies and TV series like Star Trek, 2001, Red Dwarf and Star Wars. Jokes, parodies, short stories, long stories, and mocking.
  • Spoofpark - Cartoons of popular genre movies and television shows humor including Star humor Wars, Stargate, Buffy, and Red Dwarf humor in a South Park humor style.
  • Soylent Green Biscuit Company - Parody site based on the 1973 movie and science fiction and fantasy book by Harry Harrison. Shirts, music, downloads, links science fiction and fantasy and tutorials.
  • Tachyon Cult - Spoof news, rumors, and reviews of science fiction and fantasy genres movies, television, and magazines.
  • Book-A-Minute SF/F - Ultra-condensation of classic and popular books.
  • Mister X's Ultimate Site of Doom - Only for a superhero, or with permission from a superhero.
  • Tim's Top Tens - Top ten lists covering different topics, including Star Trek and science fiction and fantasy anime.
  • Evil Overlord, Inc. - The list of the Top 100 Things I\\'d Do If genres I Ever Became an Evil Overlord. Also, a page genres of Star Trek parodies and more Evil Overlord tips.

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