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Critical commentary and discussion of television shows, movies, and books. After registration, users can submit their own reviews and resources.

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  • TopDragon Book Reviews - Specializes in the fantasy genre.
  • SFBookcase - Reviews of novels and authors.
  • - Critical commentary and discussion of television shows, movies, science fiction and fantasy and books. After registration, users can submit their science fiction and fantasy own reviews and resources.
  • Danny Yee's Book Reviews: Fantasy - Reviews of fantasy novels and short stories.
  • Sir Wally's Sci Fi Book Nook - Monthly submitted book reviews from a feline point science fiction and fantasy of view.
  • Outpost 10F Library - Reviews and synopses of the Star Wars and science fiction and science fiction and fantasy fantasy Star Trek series of books.
  • Sci-Fi Site of the Week - Web site reviews.
  • Raven's Reviews - Book and author reviews in the genres of Science Fiction, reviews Fantasy, Horror, Speculative and Historical Fiction, by a small band reviews of reviewers. Includes categories, top 100 list, and children's books.
  • FantasyFacts - Read and write fantasy stories or reviews and reviews become a genres member of a community to share reviews common interests.
  • Austin's Science Fiction Essays and Reviews - Reviews and plot analysis of both modern and classic sci/fi genres books and movies.
  • Resistance in Sci-Fi - Presenting cultural, social and political commentary about science fiction media. science fiction and fantasy Offers socially conscious reviews and theories on SF works. science fiction and fantasy Submit and view original images. Try the Sci-Fi trivia science fiction and fantasy quiz.
  • Caffeinated Scifi Suzi and Yellow Dog - Movie reviews, news, links, 3D wallpaper and art.
  • Rantings and Ravings: My Journey Through SF&F. - Opinions on fantasy authors, books, and series intended to help reviews people decide what to read.
  • SciFi Dorks' Vault - Information, photos and reviews on a variety of science fiction reviews media.
  • Briefing With Michael - Television, science fiction, star trek, and comic reviews.
  • In Other Worlds - Reviews of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Mystery books. science fiction and genres fantasy Includes ratings, synopses, and listings sorted by science fiction genres and fantasy author, genre, subgenre, title and publication date.
  • Sci Fan Tech - Offers in-depth book reviews, prices, and ratings.
  • Aphra's Science Fiction and Fantasy Library - Reviews of science fiction and fantasy books and reviews links to reviews related sites, plus a talkboard for reviews fans and writers and reviews a guestbook.
  • Fantastic Reviews - Reviews of science fiction, fantasy, and horror books, genres plus items genres of genre related interest.
  • The Science Fiction Review - Book reviews, top ten lists, short stories.
  • SciFind - Reviews science fiction DVDs. Lists signings and conventions.
  • Future Fiction - Reviews of modern science fiction and fantasy titles.
  • Novel Reflections - Reviews and summaries of science fiction and fantasy science fiction and science fiction and fantasy fantasy novels, with bibliographies of the authors.
  • Science Fiction Index - Resource offering reviews of science fiction books, including reviews analysis of reviews Hugo and Nebula award winners, and reviews exploring fantasy and SF reviews literature set in Ireland.
  • M.J. Simpson - Fantasy film and TV reviews, horror news, and genres cult star reviews interviews from UK genre reporter.

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