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Gnomes originated before the creation of the garden gnome statue. This category focuses on the side of the traditional or mythological gnome considered to be possibly of the fae or earth dweller. Gnomes are an old and perhaps almost forgotten race of creatures frequently represented as a humanoid creature or race, short or very small in stature. They are commonly considered as small men being 15cm tall weighing between 275-300grams and often wearing red caps, blue shirts and greenish-brown shorts. Gnomes are considered fictitious by some and real by others. More traditionally they are considered earth dwellers wearing the colours of nature, staying away from human sight. Gnome culture is of men, woman and children caring for the flora and fauna around them with a reputation of being knowledgeable, while others are known for guarding treasure with less than admirable temperaments. In fantasy themes they are all of the above and more.

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