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Sharing very practical and simple appoarch to graphic design like how to design brochure, leaflet, calendar,logo, presentation building and many design ideas. Available in printing and pdf format.

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  • Graphic Exchange magazine - A publication for professionals in graphic communications and graphic design graphic graphic design arts, editorial focus on creative imaging, graphic graphic design design and graphic design prepress. Free subscriptions mailed within Canada.
  • Born Magazine - Venue for design and literature collaboration.
  • HOW Magazine - Print publication offers editorials, competition announcements, survey results, technology news, bookstore with online shopping, links to design resources, and a message board.
  • PrintAction - Monthly magazine for the printing industry in Canada graphic design offers arts technical and business news and features.
  • BEAST Magazine - The beast magazine is an inspirational design graphic graphic design magazine magazines and e-zines in pdf format
  • Atlas Magazine - San Francisco-based webzine of photojournalism, graphics, editorials, gallery and illustration.
  • Graphic Arts Online - On-line presence for monthly magazine covering applied printing, finishing and postal technology. Includes product announcements, industry news, event calendar, searchable database of editorial articles, classifieds, chat areas, weblogs and multimedia gal
  • Graphic Define Magazine - An online magazine focusing on the business of magazines and e-zines running a graphic, web, or interactive design studio.
  • DCC Designer - A resource for the digital designer.
  • Graphic Design Basics - Contest listings, articles, tips, selected books and resources, arts updated weekly.
  • [email protected] - The Web Designer's Bible - Site for Web designers: news, reviews, resources, columns, downloads, recruitment, magazines and e-zines exclusive competitions and discussion forums.
  • Bak Magazine - Turkey-based free graphic design magazine in pdf format arts for both Mac and PC, featuring interview with arts well-known graphic designer and art works from graphic arts design enthusiasts.
  • Eye - The international quarterly review of graphic design for magazines and e-zines magazines and e-zines artists and designs professionals. Includes critques and back magazines and e-zines magazines and e-zines issues available for purchase.
  • Communication Arts - Print publication offering competitions, forums, feature articles, job bank, graphic arts design resources and online shopping.
  • Computer Graphics World - Online source explores visual computing techniques and innovations arts including 3D magazines and e-zines modeling, animation, visualization, rendering, simulation and arts applications such as MCAD/CAM/CAE magazines and e-zines for engineers, designers and arts animators.
  • GraphicsNews - Covers news for the graphic design, computer graphic arts and web graphic community.
  • 2D Artist - Magazine about concepts art, digital and matte painting with graphic design tutorials. Light issues are available for free.
  • K10k - A matrix architect's information designer lunchbox.
  • Graphis - International journal of visual communication. Offers current and back issues, subscription information.
  • Digital Arts - Online edition of the graphic design, visual effects, graphic design and graphic design new media magazine for professionals.
  • eclipse e-zine - Templates, designer bulletin, resources, moonlighting, tongue-in-cheek views and magazines and e-zines job links.
  • Layers Magazine - Layers magazine is the "How-to magazine for everything graphic design Adobe".
  • Coupe Magazine - Presents a visual collision between the worlds of design, art, graphic design technology, and culture.
  • Design is Kinky - A digital publication geared to graphic design in all media. graphic design Profiles, mug shots, theory and galleries.
  • Graphics IQ - Ezine for graphic designers, featuring product announcements, industry arts news, books and CDs resource list.
  • CMYK Magazine - Quarterly publication includes agency and design firm features, top student magazines and e-zines and school profiles, and hints and tips.
  • Designer-Info - Giving graphic designers the information they need: articles, arts tutorials, and arts software reviews.
  • Before & After Magazine - Sharing very practical and simple appoarch to graphic design like how to design brochure, leaflet, calendar,logo, presentation building and many design ideas. Available in printing and pdf format.
  • Neotabu - An online magazine with articles about design, art, graphic design architecture, and nature.
  • The Faesthetic - Yearly graphic design and art magazine printed in small quantities graphic design with submissions from talented creatives from around the world.

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