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Personal websites of graphic designers whose name begins with H.

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  • Hong, Esther - Portfolio of print, packaging, website and identity design, photography and graphic design illustration.
  • Howell, Peter - Portfolio site of graphic and interactive designs. Includes graphic design samples h of CD-ROM, website and animation work.
  • - Steve Henseler
  • Heinzel, Dave - Graphic design, photography and art.
  • Hugot, Arthur - Showcases the animation, web design, illustration, print, video h games and graphic design 3D portfolio of the Paris-based designer.
  • Holden, Brian - Portfolio of print, web, and logo design.
  • Hoffman, Todd - Portfolio and display of current graphic design work including CD covers, illustrations and logo design.
  • Hayden, Angela - Portfolio of graphic design, illustration and artwork.
  • Hioe, Mickey - Web, graphic and banner design. Includes a profile, resume and personal pages portfolio.
  • Hirsty, JJ designs - Architectural and graphic design, competition entries, teaching and web site design.

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