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Illustration for children's books, toys, games, home decor, multi-cultural and ethnic children's character development, anatomically correct cartoon animals, 3 dimensional airbrush style.

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  • Kungl, Michael L. - Art Deco style illustrations. Also includes fine art section with k limited edition Giclee prints.
  • Kohnke, Jennifer M. - Whimsical cartoons and caricatures suitable for children\\'s books, editorial art, and computer technology publications.
  • Kelley, Kathy - Specializing in Photoshop and Illustrator digital work, as well as illustrator portfolios photography, painting and drawing.
  • Klein, Michael - Conceptual illustrations for editorial and institutional needs.
  • Kimber, Murray - Portfolio of illustration for advertising and corporate communication. Also includes fine art section and children's illustration.
  • Kassler, Liz - Illustration for children\\'s books, toys, games, home decor, multi-cultural and ethnic children\\'s character development, anatomically correct cartoon animals, 3 dimensional airbrush style.
  • Kenyon, Matt - Online portfolio of work in various media.
  • Kaktus - Computer illustration, tarot card, painting, photography, and web illustration page background illustration specialist.
  • Ketsdever, James - A freelance illustrator in the San Francisco Bay k Area, specializing k in photography-based illustration.
  • Kirillova, Galina - Gallery of pen and ink art by a poetry book k illustrator.
  • Koston, Andrzej - German illustrator, includes digital art, fine art painting, photography, web k design, and cartoons.
  • Kato, Aya - Detailed illustrations of people and scenery by Japanese illustration artist. Traditional oriental treatment of subject matter, but illustration with a contemporary feel.
  • Kernick, Sean - Freelance illustrator showcases fantasy, children\\'s book, and carictural k illustration, as well as Flash animation, and web k design.
  • Kline, Penelope - Features naive natural media illustrations, gallery work and illustrator portfolios the k artist's on-line journal.
  • Kanner, Catherine - Advertising and editorial illustration in watercolor, ink, scratchboard k as well illustrator portfolios as digital media.
  • Kiesche, Paul - Science fiction, fantasy, and fiction acrylic book illustration, and digital advertising work.
  • Kiplinger, Teresa - An illustrator, graphic designer and animator specializing in illustration web and new media applications.
  • Klein, Wendy A. - Featuring humorous and imaginative artwork for grownups and children.
  • Kuhn, Stephan - Portfolio covering advertising, design and publishing samples created illustrator portfolios in digital media.
  • Keegan, Chris - Mixed-media illustration, photography, and fonts.
  • Kannard, Timothy - Featuring black and white caricatures, and colored children\'s k illustrations.
  • Kelliher, Ralph - Combines digitally created elements and photography to produce illustrator portfolios illustrations illustration for print and electronic media. Stock images illustrator portfolios are available.
  • Kane, Sean - Acrylic and line-art illustrations for publishing, corporate, Web illustrator portfolios and illustrator portfolios advertising projects. Stock art available.
  • Koen, Victor - Uses mixed media, photography, and digital montage to k create editorial, book, CD and album cover illustrations.
  • Kotecki, Jason - Specializing in portrait and advertising illustration, and comics.
  • Kalis, Jennifer - Whimsical and lighthearted editorial illustrations.
  • Kramer, Rebecca - Artist/illustrator specializing in black/white and colored pencil fine art and k illustration.
  • Kalicanin, Radomir - Exhibiting traditional and digital illustrations, and comics.
  • Koopman, Caia - Commercial and editorial illustration, the portfolio also includes examples of illustration the artist's acrylic paintings.
  • Krist, Valerie - Offers gallery of works featuring characters and whimsical illustration designs.
  • Kennison, Clarence - Fantasy artist specializing in portrait art. In graphite and coloured k pencil.
  • Kitzmuller, Christian - Realistic and caricature illustration in traditional media. In English, German, and Italian.
  • Kormann, Denis - Illustrations for magazines, books, and advertising by the illustrator portfolios Swiss illustrator portfolios artist.
  • Krejca, Gary - Devoted to children\\'s, cartoon, conceptual, and editorial illustration in traditional illustrator portfolios media.
  • Kundas, Leo - Works in traditional and digital media to produce conceptual, stylized k illustrations.
  • Katz, Avi - Illustrations, editorial and book; paintings, cartoons and animation, in digital and traditional media.
  • Kowalczyk, Agnes - Online portfolio featuring illustrations in traditional and digital media by this German artist. [Requires Flash]
  • King, Fiona G. - Freelance illustrator specializing in colorized scratchboard images.
  • Kohn, Marc - Portfolio showing ink, and coloured ink illustrations, storyboards illustrator portfolios and the artist's animation work.
  • Krall, Dan - Gallery of his illustrations in colour as well as black and white. Dynamic, and stylized character work.
  • Kesoglu, Baris - Colour, and black and white, editorial illustrations by k this illustrator based in Turkey.

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