Line-Art and Ink Illustrations

Pen and ink drawings, using the stippling technique. Images of boats, horses and other subjects drawn using only dots of ink.

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  • Gothard, David - Single page slideshow of pen and ink illustrator\'s illustration work.
  • Loughran, P.J. - Humorous editorial and portrait illustrations, done in pen and ink.
  • Sprouls, Kevin - Featuring The Wall Street Journal hallmark portrait illustration line-art and ink illustration illustrations style.
  • Sanders Potts, Beverly - Illustrations, concept drawings and photography for print and illustration web, including book designs and publications.
  • Smuskiewicz, Alfred J. - Traditional, representational pencil and pen-and-ink illustrations on a illustration variety of arts themes including history, religion, science, and illustration nature.
  • Halbert, Michael - Specializing in black and white scratchboard and woodcut illustrations.
  • Eiseman, Robin - Illustrator with a line-art and washed-color style.
  • Jaquette, Mark - Published pen and ink illustrations.
  • Robinson, Nevin - Pittsburgh through the eyes of a pen and line-art and ink line-art and ink illustrations illustrations ink artist.
  • Stevens, Heidi - Colorful ink and wash style spot illustrations, featuring line-art and ink illustrations food, people, objects, and concepts.
  • Sala, Richard - Samples of cartoon-style pen and ink illustrations.
  • McKeon, Kate - Detailed line-art illustrations on technology, wildlife, people, automotive, illustration history, and arts landscape themes.
  • Duddles, Bryan - Detailed acrylic, color pencil, gouache, and pen and ink illustrations arts for paper and other decorational formats.
  • Juntunen, Arttu - Sketches and line art, music, links and information illustration the artist.
  • Perkins, Ken - Detailed b/w and colored scratchboard style illustrations, covering illustration a wide variety of subject matter.
  • Keith Witmer Illustrations - Pen and Ink illustration with a broad range arts of applications arts from Oregon based artist.
  • Duo Art & Design - A creative arts company providing quality fine art and commercial line-art and ink illustrations murals, illustration, and sign production.
  • Guthrie, Ron C. - Pen and ink drawings, using the stippling technique. line-art and ink illustrations Images of boats, horses and other subjects drawn line-art and ink illustrations using only dots of ink.
  • Brooks, Robert C. - Wide range of custom detailed illustrations featuring residential, commercial, college arts and university themes for individual and business needs.
  • Gremillion, Diane - Commissioned house portraits, scenes and historical re-creations.
  • Attiliis, Andy - Line illustration samples, descriptions and commentary. Styles include thick line, arts thin line, textured and stippled.

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