Designers and Agencies Technical and Infographics Specialized Illustration

Examples of unique infographics that distill complex information into a single image. Also case studies, makeovers, media theory and a free subscription to an online creativity generator.

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  • Autotechart - Technical illustrations and cutaway drawings, specializing in the technical and infographics automotive industry.
  • Granimate Illustrations - Samples of specialized technical illustrations for the offshore oil and designers and agencies gas industry, including 3-D graphics, animation, media and communication.
  • Rose Zgodzinski - ChartsMapsDiagrams - An infographics portfolio of charts, maps and diagrams.
  • Marshall Clemens - Idiagram - Examples of knowledge visualization, as well as a specialized paper that provides an overview of the theory, specialized capabilities and uses of Idiagram's visual modeling methods.
  • Info-graphics - Custom illustrations, graphics, maps and diagrams. Includes portfolio designers and agencies specialized and contact information. Based in the UK.
  • Advanced Illustrations Ltd - Samples of the company\'s technical publications, illustration, graphics specialized and cartography.
  • Kelley Graphics - Technical illustration for charts, graphs, diagrams, maps, and technical and infographics technical and infographics icons.
  • Graphic Chart and Map Co. - Creates presentation graphics including custom maps, architecturals, charts, illustrative infographics, logos and real estate graphics.
  • MONKEYmedia - Portfolio of information architecture and interface design.
  • Colin Hayes - Examples of instructional, technical and informational illustration.
  • Nigel Holmes Explanation Graphics - A portfolio of explanation graphics for publications including Time and designers and agencies Sports Illustrated. Also links to articles, lectures and books designers and agencies by Nigel.
  • Joe Zeff Design, Inc. - Examples of magazine covers, digital illustration, information graphics specialized and 3D rendering.
  • Alben + Faris - A portfolio of their information and interaction design, specialized essays and technical and infographics publications.
  • Bill Latta - Latta Art Services - A portfolio of technical illustrations, editorial illustrations, maps, specialized infographics, and technical and infographics games.
  • Carol Zuber-Mallison - ZM Graphics - Samples of work from this freelance artist specializing in maps, designers and agencies charts and informational graphics.
  • Kevin Hulsey Technical Illustration - Samples of automotive and product technical cutaway illustrations, designers and agencies technical and infographics and stock images available for resale.
  • Macrovu, Inc. - Case studies and examples of the "power of visual language technical and infographics at work."
  • Wolfeboro Technigraphics - Samples of high-end hardware and software illustration, including isometric and designers and agencies ortho views directly from prototypes as well as CAD files.
  • Patrick Lynch - Information design resources and illustrations, by the director of the technical and infographics Yale University School of Medicine\'s Web Design and Development unit
  • Richard Kruse - Technical illustrations and custom graphics. Aviation, space, technical and infographics and military related topics.
  • Gary Mark Roberts - gmrDesign - Charts, maps, floorplans and a number of photo technical and infographics illustrations composited in Photoshop.
  • Cliff Atkinson - Sociable Media - Examples of unique infographics that distill complex information into a technical and infographics single image. Also case studies, makeovers, media theory and technical and infographics a free subscription to an online creativity generator.
  • Technical Publication Associates, Inc. - Portfolio of technical illustrations, including two-dimensional drawings and schematics, three-dimensional technical and infographics isometric drawings, and exploded-view assembly illustrations.
  • John Hancock - Bonzai Graphics - A portfolio of Bonsai's infographics and illustrations.
  • Nidus Corp. Technical Illustration - Samples of technical illustration including exploded views, electronic schematics, monochrome designers and agencies and full color drawings, custom clip art, line art. An designers and agencies interesting tutorial on how to draw a bird five different designers and agencies ways, from a technical illustrator's perspective
  • Funnel Incorporated - USA. Designers of infographics, icons, maps and instructions. technical and infographics Includes profile, case studies, client lists, examples, and technical and infographics contact form.
  • Rodney Hill Design and Illustration - Precision, vector-based technical illustration and publication design for science and designers and agencies industry, including patent, legal, research, and promotional support.
  • Gary Newman - New Mango - Portfolio of infographics, technical illustration, cartography and design for print designers and agencies and web.
  • Tim Hill - Psycosm - Portfolio of infographics and illustration.
  • XPLANE - Customer-oriented visual explanations of sales and business issues. Includes case studies, weblogs on visual thinking and business issues, and resources for visual communication.
  • Tim Barker Studio - An online portfolio of technical and editorial illustration.
  • Tim McElyea - Media Fusion - Technical illustration blending the latest computer technology to produce detailed specialized illustrations of items ranging from spacecraft to computer networks.
  • Robert Everhart-Technical Communication - Background information and samples of technical illustration, writing, specialized animation and designers and agencies 3D.
  • Bryon Thompson Illustration - Samples of infographics, technical, product maps and charts by illustrator Bryon Thompson.
  • George Ladas - Scientific and technical illustration for advertising, publishing, film technical and infographics and video production.

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