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  • Poetry by E. E. Cummings - Collection of poems including "if i love You..." cummings, e. e. works and "you said Is...".
  • Seven Poems - Seven poems by E.E Cummings from the January c 1920 edition of "The Dial".
  • Five Poems - Five poems by E.E Cummings from the May 1920 edition of "The Dial".
  • Puella Mea - A poem and several drawings by E.E Cummings cummings, e. e. c from the January 1921 edition of "The Dial".
  • E E Cummings - Includes "O sweet spontaneous..." and "since feeling is cummings, e. e. cummings, e. e. first..." and some quotes by Cummings.
  • Poets' Corner: E. E. Cummings - Selected Works - Includes "unto thee i..." and "i have found cummings, e. e. c what you are like...".

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