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  • Modernist Portraits: John Dos Passos - The "American Passages: A Literary Survey" web site dos passos, john authors offers a brief biography of Dos Passos, artifacts, dos passos, john authors teaching tips, discussion questions, and an instructor's guide.
  • Ross Lockridge, Jr. on John Dos Passos - A statement of some reasons for using "U.S.A." dos passos, john authors by John Dos Passos as a representative of dos passos, john authors the modern American novel (1943) by Ross Lockridge, dos passos, john authors Jr.
  • John Dos Passos per Daniel Aaron - Chapter 15 of Aaron\\'s "Writers on the Left," which discusses dos passos, john Dos Passos's early career.
  • One Man's Initiation: 1917 - First novel based largely on Dos Passos\\' own wartime experiences in France and Italy and published in London in 1920.

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