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  • Webmagister Ludi and the Glass Bead Game - Essay and opinion on the novel and its hesse, hermann theories.
  • The Center for Ludic Synergy - Community that expores the theories and concepts of magister ludi the magister ludi novel and the game.
  • HipBone Games - Includes information on playing and designing the games.
  • The Waldzell Glass Bead Game - Instructions on how to play the game.
  • The Glass Plate Game - Information on the game, opinions and theories, a hesse, hermann biography, and the legend of the game.
  • Glass Bead Game - The Sacred Science Institute would like to participate in the current efforts to develop the Glass Bead Game on the Internet by providing those participating in this endeavor with the content necessary for a true rendering of ultimate conception of the ga
  • The Glass Bead Game: book review - A review of the Glass Bead Game authored h by Herman Hesse, on the chronicles-network.

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