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Text with annotations from the Encyclopedia of the Self. Written in 1910, a story combining history and fairy tales and includes the first showing of If .

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  • Rikki-Tikki-Tavi - A story from the Jungle Book describing Rikki-Tikki-Tavi\\'s kipling, rudyard fight works with Nag, the big black cobra.
  • Plain Tales From the Hills - Short stories including The Rout of The White works Hussars and The Gate of a Hundred Sorrows. works From Project Gutenberg.
  • A Conference Of The Powers - Short story from the Soldiers Three collection. Project works Gutenberg Edition works .
  • They - Full text of the 1905 publication with coloured kipling, rudyard illustrations.
  • The Pilgrim's Way - Text from the University of Michigan humanities text initiative.
  • Soldiers Three - Part two of this story which was first works published in works India in 1888. From Project Gutenberg.
  • Under the Deodars - An early story in etext from the Project works Gutenberg Edition works .
  • The Phantom 'Rickshaw and Other Ghost Stories - An early collection of short stories including The Strange Ride works of Morrowbie Jukes and The Finest Story in The World works . From Project Gutenberg.
  • Stalky and Co. - Text from Bibliomania. A collection of school stories kipling, rudyard based works on the author\\'s own experiences. The first kipling, rudyard story was works published in the \'Windsor Magazine\' in kipling, rudyard 1898.
  • Kim - Considered by many to be the author\\'s finest kipling, rudyard work. A novel first published in 1901.
  • The Day's Work - Published in 1898, a collection of stories including kipling, rudyard The fiction Maltese Cat and The Brushwood Boy. Project kipling, rudyard Gutenberg edition.
  • Rudyard Kipling - Four of the author\\'s stories including The Jungle fiction Book, Kim, works The Gardener and The Man Who fiction Would Be King, with works adjustable sized text and fiction automatic bookmarking. From the Classic Bookshelf.
  • HorrorMasters -- Rudyard Kipling - Collection of short ghost and horror stories. Requires works Adobe Acrobat to view.
  • Captains Courageous - A few pages from the novel that describe kipling, rudyard a multinational congregation of Grand Banks boats at kipling, rudyard "The Virgin." . kipling, rudyard From New Jersey Fishing.
  • The Man Who Was - A short story published in 1907.
  • Mary Postgate - A complex story written in 1915 during the works first World War.
  • The Man Who Would Be King - Full text version from Plain Tales of the Hills published fiction in 1888. Etext from project Gutenberg.
  • The Mother Hive - Short story from the Actions and Reactions collection. fiction Includes the kipling, rudyard poem The Bees And The Flies.
  • The Story of the Gadsby - Early story in etext and zip format, from kipling, rudyard Project works Gutenberg.
  • Rewards and Fairies - Text with annotations from the Encyclopedia of the Self. Written in 1910, a story combining history and fairy tales and includes the first showing of If .
  • At the End of the Passage - Full text of this short ghost story.
  • Actions and Reactions - Project Gutenberg Edition of this collection of short fiction stories.
  • The Light That Failed - The author\\'s first novel published in 1891. Etext works from project Gutenberg.
  • With The Night Mail - Science fiction from the original magazine version. Illustrated fiction with photos of historic and modern airships as fiction well as some of the news reports and fiction advertisements Kipling fabricated for its publication.
  • Bibliomania - Includes online versions of Kim and Stalky and Company.

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