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The scope and purpose of this category is to provide links to sites dedicated to the 17th century British poet John Milton. The content of the site you are submitting should include the poetry and/or prose of Milton.

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  • Poemata - Latin, Greek and Italian poems by John Milton, works translated into works English by William Cowper. In plain works text, or as a works zip file, from Project works Gutenberg.
  • Archive of Poetry of John Milton - "Paradise Lost" and "Paradise Regained."
  • Four Poems - "L'Allegro," "Il Penseroso," "Comus," and "Lycidas."
  • Psalm Paraphrases - 1653 text at Renascence Editions.
  • Milton: Shorter Poems in English - Poems from the Renaissance Editions archive: "On the m Morning of m Christ\'s Nativity" and "Lycidas," among many m others.
  • The Poetical Works of John Milton - Collection based on a 1900 edition. Omits Latin milton, john poetry, milton, john but includes all of Milton\\'s English and milton, john Italian poems. milton, john In plain text, or as a milton, john zip file, from milton, john Project Gutenberg.
  • L'Allegro, Il Penseroso, Comus, and Lycidas - In plain text, or as a zip file, milton, john from milton, john Project Gutenberg.
  • Selected Poetry of John Milton (1608-1674) - Prepared by members of the Department of English m at the University of Toronto.

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