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Compact biography and a few short tasters from his essays; aimed at the school student without the stamina for the whole works.

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Charles' Orwell Links* - Links to George Orwell web sites and pages organized by category; good starting point for research.

  • Remembering George Orwell - Bibliographies of books by and about Orwell and orwell, george links o to other reference sites.
  • Inside The Whale - The full text of Goerge Orwell\\'s essay, "Inside authors The Whale," orwell, george with notes and a criticism.
  • GradeSaver: Biography of George Orwell (1903-1950) - Boigraphy and study guides on 1984 and Animal orwell, george Farm.
  • The Chestnut Tree Cafe - Devoted to exploring the life, times, and work orwell, george of Orwell. Includes the alt.books.george-orwell Frequently Asked (or orwell, george Answered) Questions Page.
  • The First Editions Of George Orwell - Details of print runs, and publisher, of the authors first edition o of every one of Orwell's books.
  • Political Writings of George Orwell - Essays, newspaper columns, letters, and editorials, 1943-1946.
  • K-1 George Orwell Homepage - Biography, essays, summaries and interpretations of his works, pictures, links, orwell, george and a discussion board.
  • Complete Works of George Orwell - Includes searchable, indexed versions of all of Orwell\\'s works. Also includes a biography, quotes and pictures.
  • Animalism vs. Marxism - Honors thesis which develops the \\'animalism\\' doctrine in orwell, george \'Animal Farm' as a critique of Marxism.
  • George Orwell - Compact biography and a few short tasters from o his essays; aimed at the school student without o the stamina for the whole works.
  • The Orwell Diaries - Orwell\\'s domestic and political diaries (from 9th August 1938 until October 1942) published as a blog, exactly 70 years after the respective original entry.
  • George Orwell and The Last Man in Europe - Polymathic lecture; links to a chronology of Orwell\\'s o life and a bibliography.
  • Burmese Days - Project Gutenberg complete etext.
  • George Orwell Resources - An apparently complete primary bibliography and a selective, o annotated secondary bibliography.
  • SOS: Students for an Orwellian Society - Humorous and perceptive employment of Orwell\\'s later satires, which, sadly, orwell, george demonstrates his continuing relevance.
  • Politics and the English Language - Orwell\\'s essential essay, unabridged, and without commentary. If you read nothing else of his non-fiction, read this.

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