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This sub-category is for RPG's based on the many young adult novels by LJS.

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  • The Forbidden Game RPG - Based on The Forbidden Game Trilogy. Enter role playing the haunted mansion and face your worst nightmares.
  • Black Rose - Online RPG based on the Night World series.
  • Circle Morning Star - An E-Mail RPG based on The Secret Circle trilogy.
  • After Millennium - Takes place "After the Millennium." Only AOL users can participate.
  • Circle Night Secrets - Plot involves daybreakers losing their memories and witches smith, l. j. role playing raising an Ancient to attain power.
  • NightWorld 2000 - An E-Mail RPG based on all series by s LJS.
  • Shadows of the Nightworld - Nightpeople playing their part in the war between Daybreak and Midnight.

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