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While Weir does not attempt to cover up Henry's many gross faults, she also does not lose site of the magnificent Renaissance prince either. By Terry Gray.

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  • The View From The Foothills: Eleanor Of Aquitaine: A Life, by Alison Weir - Weir makes very clear what is known fact weir, alison and what is supposition in her biography and weir, alison where sources give no information about Eleanor, she weir, alison fills in the gaps with what is known weir, alison about Henry II. By Deb English.
  • NYTimes: Queen Isabella - Femme Fatale - Weir is clearly at home trolling ancient archives weir, alison for the housekeeping accounts, letters and chronicles that weir, alison yield clues about 14th-century misbehavior. By Alida Becker.
  • NewsWeekly Books: The Heirs of King Henry VIII - A highly readable work of history, Children of England covers weir, alison in narrative form the biographies of Henry VIII\\'s children, Edward weir, alison VI (1547 -1553), Mary I (1553 -1558) and Elizabeth I\\'s weir, alison accession to the throne in 1558. By Michael Daniel.
  • Alison Weir - Innocent Traitor: A Novel of Lady Jane Grey - Reviews of Innocent Traitor: A Novel of Lady Jane Grey. weir, alison Overall Rating: 4.5 stars from 4 consumer reviews.
  • Book Review: The Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir - After reading several of Alison Weir\\'s books, nonfiction w as well as fiction, I am convinced that w time machines exist. How else to explain the w richly textured dialogue and scenes of 16th century w England that Weir brings to the fore in w "The Lady Elizab
  • - Henry VIII by Alison Weir - Offers synopsis, critical praise and questions for discussion.
  • Associated Content: Alison Weir's The Princes in the Tower - Weir\\'s book would have been better if it reviews had maintained a more objective view of the reviews issue. By Adam Kamerer.
  • Revish: Review of The Children of England - Heirs of King Henry VIII - Alison Weir is a warhorse of English historical biography. She w has an incredibly detailed knowledge of the minutiae of Tudor w royal clothing, what jewels they wore on which occasion, what w food and household items were bought or presented to the w Royal house
  • The Boston Globe: A Tudor and a Tortoise, Both in Fine Voice - In giving narrative voice to her subjects Weir weir, alison brings w us into emotional contact with them in weir, alison a way w that an unadorned historical account does weir, alison not. We feel, w rather than merely acknowledge, that weir, alison these crimes and machinations w were the actual doings weir, alison of real in
  • Historical Boys: Review of Alison Weir's "Innocent Traitor" - Readers of historical fiction should not miss this compelling debut by one of England\\'s foremost authorities on the Tudors - a tale of grandeur, betrayal and innocence, framed by one woman\'s journey from throne to scaffold. By C.W. Gortner.
  • Carla Nayland Book Review: Innocent Traitor, by Alison Weir - Innocent Traitor does an excellent job of conveying the sense of Jane as a political pawn.
  • Editorial Book Review - Shelfari: The Life of Elizabeth I - The long life and powerful personality of England\\'s weir, alison beloved Virgin Queen have eternal appeal, and popular weir, alison historian Alison Weir depicts both with panache. By weir, alison Wendy Smith.
  • Book Review: Alison Weir's The Lady Elizabeth - Indulging in some fictional legerdemain, the author has reviews crafted an w intriguing protagonist, her destiny writ large reviews long before she ascends w the throne after her reviews unhappy sister’s death. By Luan Gaines.
  • Alison Weir on LibraryThing - Offers reviews of the author's works.
  • The Shelf Life: Tudor Time - Weir’s masterful weaving of fact and fiction creates w tension between the two sisters as Mary’s health w worsens and Elizabeth’s ascension draws closer. The author w closes her story as all good novelists do, w leaving the reader wanting more. By Cindy Wol
  • New York Times: Sibling Rivalry - Like anthropology, history and biography can demonstrate unfamiliar reviews ways of w feeling and being. Alison Weir\\'s sympathetic reviews collective biography \\'\\'The Children w of Henry VIII\\'\\' does reviews just that, reminding us that human w nature has reviews changed, and for the better. By
  • Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir - Innocent Traitor is a new historical novel by noted historian weir, alison Alison Weir. It is based around the story of Lady weir, alison Jane Grey, the Nine Day Queen and is a must weir, alison read for anyone interested in the drama and scandal of weir, alison the Tudor dynasty. By Lorri Mealey.
  • Nashville Scene - The Child Who Would Be Queen - Alison Weir takes on, yet again, the story reviews of England’s weir, alison first Queen Elizabeth utilizing viewpoint of reviews an omniscient narrator and weir, alison employing dialogue stylized for reviews the period. By Lacey Galbraith.
  • Reviews: Henry VIII: King and Court by Alison Weir - Alison Weir has added to the large pile reviews of lives w of Henry VIII. Founded on diligent reviews reading, hers is a w great pudding of a reviews book, which will do no harm w to those reviews who choose to read it.
  • Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet: the Blog: Alison Weir's Henry VIII - While Weir does not attempt to cover up Henry\\'s many gross faults, she also does not lose site of the magnificent Renaissance prince either. By Terry Gray.
  • NewStandard: "The Children of Henry VIII," by Alison Weir - Alison Weir, a popular English historian whose previous weir, alison works include "The Six Wives of Henry VIII," weir, alison does full justice to the subject in "The weir, alison Children of Henry VIII." By Susan Jacoby.
  • California Literary Review: The Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir - Weir says in her endnote that she makes no apology weir, alison for weaving into her story a tale that goes against weir, alison all her instincts as a historian, but her instincts are weir, alison sound, and readers would be willing to trust them. By weir, alison Elinor Teele.
  • The Nine Days' Queen - After publishing 10 works of history about the reviews kings and weir, alison queens of England, Alison Weir has reviews come over to the weir, alison dark side and written reviews a novel. By Ron Charles.
  • Books Pick Of The Week: Alison Weir - As always with Weir, there is a central reviews mystery to w be solved in the narrative. This reviews time, it involves the w death of Edward II, reviews who, as history unreliably has it, w was impaled reviews on a red-hot poker. The writer here casts w reviews doubt not only on the manner of death reviews bu

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