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Biographies of authors and other famous people that provide a flavour of the personality as well as relating the key events in the subjects' lives.

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  • Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove of Scientific Biography - Written and maintained by the author as a arts public service biography for scientific knowledge and education.
  • African American Women Writers of the 19th century biographies - Over 20 biographies of African American women writers of the arts 19th century.
  • Women's Travel Writing, 1830-1930 - Over two dozen travel diaries, journals, and publications arts by women biography ranging from Elizabeth Bisland to Irene arts Wright.
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  • Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online - This site contains biographies of people who played biography an important arts role in the formation of what biography is now Canada.
  • - Biographies of authors and other famous people that provide a arts flavour of the personality as well as relating the key arts events in the subjects\' lives.
  • Biography and Biographies - A collection of biographies describing the influential lives arts of famous literature people in past and present times.
  • Sherwood Times - Newspaper dating from 1190 includes Tales of Robin Hood, Richard the Lionheart and biographies of famous Nottinghamshire characters - D.H.Larence, and Lord Byron.
  • The Sound of Sight - This is a story of a boy, born out of arts catastrophe, nourished by the love of his family and the arts concern of his community.
  • Sylvanus Griswold Morley Autobiography - A Non-Transcendental Autobiography of Sylvanus Griswold Morley, professor arts of Spanish literature at UC Berkeley.

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