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  • Alda, Arlene - (Official site) Author/photographer\\'s biography, book information, and story authors read on-line by the author.
  • Artell, Mike - (Official site) Author, illustrator and cartoonist\\'s page, contains authors school presentation authors and assembly information, photos, live audio, authors and a list of authors his works.
  • Armstrong, Jennifer - (Official site) Features biography, book excerpts and description, current projects, speeches and articles, tips for writers, games and activities, and school visits information.
  • Anholt, Catherine and Laurence - (Official site) Includes information on the authors/illustrators, book a reviews, and authors interview.
  • Alexander, Sue - (Official site) Features biography, interview with the author, book reviews, information on the writing process, and crosswords.
  • Anderson, Scoular - (Official site) Introduces Scottish author and illustrator. Includes a biographical sketch, a book summaries, online quiz, and fact a sheet.
  • Appelt, Kathi - (Official site) Includes biography, teacher resources, school visits information, and brief book reviews.
  • Armstrong, Linda - Freelance writer of supplementary educational materials, fiction and poetry. Includes profile, details of published works, her art, photographs, and a creativity e-book.
  • Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia - (Official site) Introduces the teen author and her authors books. Includes a book reviews, interview, and advice on authors writing.
  • Arnold, Tedd - (Official site) Author/illustrator\\'s biography, book information, work in progress, illustrating tips, color in area, and kids\' art gallery.
  • Aylesworth, Jim - (Official site) Includes biography, short descriptions of his children\'s work, and children's school visit information.
  • Arnold, Caroline - (Official site) Author/illustrator of non-fiction books. Contains biography, a book list and reviews, projects and activities for a children, and school visits information.
  • Adler, C.S. - (Official site) Includes biography and short descriptions of authors her work.

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